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Vote in the Brew Hoop Tuesday Tracker!

Tracking the larger sentiments of Bucks fans week by week

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

We’re back with the second edition of the Tuesday Tracker, which is already proving popular. While two to three hundred Bucks fans (and probably fans of other teams too) is of course just a small sample of the fanbase, there just isn’t anything else out there like this right now.

Last week I noticed that some questions had dozens fewer responses than others, so I’m putting them all together into one survey (I was interested in putting it together as a Google Form anyway because it will make culling the results week by week easier). So, behold the Tuesday Tracker in its new form!

This poll will close on Friday at 12 AM Central. Check back on Friday morning for the results, and thanks for voting!