The Bucks vs Pistons was interesting…

The Bucks-Pistons game was interesting, or not. Not that the NBA Universe expected it to be or not to be. Like a Shakespearean act, the Pistons’ downfall is a tragedy. If you’ve been watching, the Pistons have been on a losing streak, the franchise’s biggest losing streak in history.

That meant party time for the Bucks, and it was a party as the Bucks took care of the Pistons in no time in Milwaukee at Fiserv Forum. I shouldn’t even bother to mention the score, but it was 146-114. It was the score all game long. From the jump ball, the Bucks had the lead and the Pistons not so much the lead. Of course, the game started 0-0, so I thought I was in for a typical game of nba basketball. I even ordered my favorite meal Cousin’s Subs and took a break to eat, but when I came back the Bucks were up by 30. I tweeted about how the score near halftime was 71-47. It’s the fact that the Bucks had 71 at the half.

What was interesting about the Bucks and Pistons game is it was in typical loss fashion for the Pistons. Play the opposite team on the night, and lose by 50. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. The game wasn’t a true basketball game, but a "See How Much The Pistons Lose" game. It’s a game they came up with and made the rules all by themselves for this season.

Milwaukee took full advantage after their "Ball Gate" situation against the Indiana Pacers. There was no ballgame controversy in this one. It was a night which saw MarJon Beauchamp playing the most minutes for the Bucks, and he had the first 7 buckets of the game for Milwaukee. It was a night for Beauchamp and Andre Jackson Jr. who started in replace of Khris Middleton. The bright, young stars for the Bucks delivered. Jackson finished with 10 and Beauchamp 11. That’s impressive.

Oh yeah. Khris Middleton was out, but it’s okay because it was a game against the Pistons and wouldn’t likely need any clutch moments from "Khash Money" himself. Damian Lillard and Giannis Antetokounmpo played. Lillard poured in 33 and Antetokounmpo only 22, and I say only 22 because The Greek Freak had 64 the other night.

To add some light to playing the dreadful Pistons, Giannis brought his children to the Bucks bench and yes, Giannis’ children playing made up the highlights on the night and became the sunshine over a rainy day.

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