Evidence of why the Bucks lose and how to fix it.

Readers that know me (hoping there are more than 1-2...) know that I've been preaching to get Giannis (and B. Lopez), closer to the bucket on offense. This parked on the perimeter (POTP) crap for bigs, (who are poor/average 3 shooters), is mind boggling. Today I found evidence. See below OR and Total rebound leaders from 2022 (a Budenholzer campaign) . Shocking to see neither Giannis or Lopez on the list! Whereas Giannis is high on the overall list--or at least respectable. Note: Some of the leaders are rebounding specialists (Steven Adams, Rudy Gobert...) so no shame not being at the top, but, Embid and Jokic--bearers of burden, do find a way to get ORs. Why not Giannis? Why not Lopez. Both of these 2 should almost always be w/in 10 ft of the hoop. Automatic 10 points a game. Literally automatic. The reason is not lack of effort nor athleticism, rather scheme: parked on the perimeter. The scheme automatically foregoes ORs. Sometimes people overthink. Simple truth of basketball is big guys get more rebounds than small guys...if you put them where rebounds occur. Now of course SPACING is important for offensive plays, but that doesn't preclude bigs being closer to hole and "crashing the rim", upon shot launch.

Further, keep in mind just how de-moralizing an OR (or series of them can be). Similar to a fumbled punt in football. The Defense has just made a stand and now has to go back on the field, while the other team's defense gets a rest. Now in the NBA its the same 5 guys at both ends of the court, but the energy to defend is more (in total) than it is to play offense. Plus the demoralizing part of defending the full 24, only to have Mitchell Robinson or Cint Capela name it, get their team another chance. With Giannis, Brook and Bobby P. (who did, incidentally at least make the OR list...on much fewer minutes then his peers--he's blue collar....why fans love him), the Bucks should be demoralizing opponents on a regular basis. Someone send this to coach AG, please, please, please.

BTW: Nothing against coach Bud--great man, got us a 'chip...not easy to do, beat some very doog teams along the way. As a Bucks fan I still cherish that one.


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