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SB Nation Reacts Results: Mr. Trader Jon and the Mid Trade Deadline

The cupboard is bare on what to give up

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We are about a week away from the NBA Trade Deadline, and the Milwaukee Bucks are subject to a few rumors. The Bucks have made a trade during the season every year but one since Jon Horst became the team’s GM. After the Jrue Holiday trade which put Milwaukee in “win-now” territory, the Bucks don’t have much in terms of assets to make a big move. However, there are always small-margin moves to try and get Milwaukee back to the finals that can always happen. We asked you all if the Bucks should make a trade before the deadline. We also wanted to know if you would be fine with Grayson Allen being a part of a package to land Phoenix Suns wing Jae Crowder.

Writer’s note: This survey was put out before the latest development Shams tweeted Monday afternoon.

Anyway here were the results:

The only surprising thing was that this number wasn’t higher. Now thinking the team needs to make a trade is not the same as assuming a trade will happen. Serge Ibaka is OUT and trying to part with him will happen at some point in the month. Jordan Nwora is someone Bucks fans were surprised to see return but he doesn’t seem likely to improve. Those would be the names Bucks would see leave and either a wing or ball handler come to Milwaukee. The Bucks also have plenty of 2nd round picks to part with and 2029 is the earliest first round pick they are able to part with right now. Now what were the results on Grayson Allen being traded?

I disagree with the 23% that Allen should be traded for Crowder. Yes, Grayson can be a defensive liability like we saw against the Boston Celtics last year. He didn’t cover himself in glory that series and is Milwaukee’s only player asset this deadline. But to trade him for Crowder would be a mistake. Crowder hasn’t played in almost 8 months after falling out with the Suns. Despite torching the Bucks when he faces them, Crowder isn’t that good of a three point shooter. He is a career 34.6% shooter and his two best years were the fraudulent bubble with Miami (44.5%) and the following season with the Suns (38.9%). Ironically, these were the years his teams faced the Bucks in the postseason. The nice part is that his contract does expire this summer which could help Milwaukee in the free agency market. Now if the Suns want Serge Ibaka, Jordan Nwora and some second round picks, sure why not even though that will create a more muddled rotation.

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