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Farewell, Serge Ibaka

NBA: Washington Wizards at Milwaukee Bucks Michael McLoone-USA TODAY Sports

All acquisitions come at a cost, and when the Milwaukee Bucks acquired Jae Crowder from Phoenix (via Brooklyn), three chairs on the bench, three lockers in the locker room, a large wing, a veteran guard and a backup center all departed. Crowder will replace, and I'm sure he will surpass (if possible), the efforts of the maligned Jordan Nwora. But for now, the spot for backup big is vacant, the spot left by Serge Ibaka.

Now, I know we all very much value his contributions…Sarcasm aside, remember the days when getting a guy like Ibaka to willingly come here was not even thought of? I do, and I'm glad a player of his (former) caliber gave us a try. He seemed enthusiastic at first, remember that photo of his scarf?

But, as we ship out a disgruntled veteran, just remember we are bringing one in. Like with Jae Crowder in Phoenix, and many players before him and Ibaka, things sometimes just don't work out. We still aren't sure why, but it seems like it all started around that beef he had with Kendrick Perkins. That's my best guess, aside from lack of playing time.

This year, Serge played in 16 games and 11.6 per, with 4.1 points and 2.8 boards per game. His numbers were better last season, but he ultimately wasn't a difference maker.

We all have our issues with certain employers, or coworkers or have life happen. Let's do Serge a favor, and just remember his stop in Milwaukee at just that. He wasn't going to make or break us, and now he can try to be happy as he finishes his career.

Farewell, Serge!