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Report: Giannis, Bucks Continuing to Evaluate Wrist Injury

The All Star captain left Thursday’s game early.

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Chicago Bulls Matt Marton-USA TODAY Sports

Despite having won twelve straight games leading into the break, the Milwaukee Bucks have a certain aura of unease hanging over them right now, as the basketball world awaits further news about the status of Giannis Antetokounmpo’s right wrist.

Having injured it during the team’s win in Chicago last night and with the severity yet unknown, Antetokounmpo’s status to participate in NBA All-Star Weekend is in jeopardy. More importantly, any downtime or absence will take away from the Bucks’ efforts to maintain their place near (or moving towards) the top of the Eastern Conference, and with only twenty or so games remaining before the playoffs the timing could be better.

Fortunately, at least if ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski is to be believed, there is also a sense that Giannis’ recovery from this injury won’t be long-term.

This report doesn’t have any concrete information behind it, but speaks to the cautious optimism espoused by whoever is Woj’s source within the Bucks franchise. Of course, any time Giannis’ miraculous recovery abilities are discussed, his unbelievable comeback in the 2021 Eastern Conference Finals is mentioned, where Giannis missed only two games before coming back and dominating in the NBA Finals despite his knee bending waaaay too far in the wrong direction. A wrist is not a knee, and it hasn’t even been 24 hours since the original injury yet, but until there is more actual reporting on Giannis’ status this snippet is all we have to go off of.

Stay tuned for further developments, and keep your fingers crossed for positive news!