How to get the Bucks past the Celtics...or the Heat..or the Sixers...

Submitted for you consideration--to quote Twilight Zone host Rod Serling: Challenge hour here. What do Bucks fans think: It if isn't broke--don't fix it--12 game win streak and currently 2nd best record in the league.....or are we destined to fall short once playoff intensity exposes our frailties? Specifically, high turnovers and over reliance on the 3.

  1. Our Bucks are gifted with a likely GOAT. But so did our brethren Packers--in fact they had (2).
  2. Is there an offensive scheme out there that would result in fewer turnovers?
  3. Does Giannis in the low post have the athleticism to back door?, receive an alley oop for a monster flush?, do an "up and under"?, shoot his increasingly accurate little fade away more often?, do a mini-drive emanating from inside the paint?, use his very gifted left hand more often? Answers: yes-yes-yes-yes-yes-yes....
  4. Our current scheme is very good--Giannis bringing the ball up--but it works better after a steal or a long rebound...when 'we have the numbers"...when the "fence is not in impenetrable".
  5. Suggestion here is to mix it up with some old school traditional post ups--with plans a, b, c, d, e, f, etc...per #3. above being very potent new school weapons. Holiday, Carter, Middleton and others all have the ball handling skills to enable this.
  6. Giannis froes have improved greatly! An ever so slightly higher arc and softer touch would get him to 80%, or higher. His number one attribute is his humility and willingness to learn. (Ok both are tied for first.). Often I feel, only time will tell what an amazing human being the Bucks have in their herd.
  7. In addition having Giannis down low automatically adds more ORs to his already gaudy stat sheet--this is simple physics--if one is closer to the basket the ball will be closer to thou.
  8. One thing at a time, but related, I'd like to see all the Buck's bigs closer to the basket--Lopez, Portis (who is most often), Ingles, now Crowder. There is this analytics myth in the NBA that 30-some percent at 3s is more productive than 40 some percent at 2s. Superficial inspection of the math supports this:
              • .30 x 10 shots behind the arc = 9 points....4 = 12 points
              • .40 x 10 shots inside the arc = 8 points...and 40% is not easy inside the arc. Save for big men.
              • 9 is > 8, 12 is >> 8
  • However what those analytics overlook is the inherent value of being closer to the rim. Specifically many '2s" are while driving and thus include a foul and being closer the to rim automatically means more ORs. Once could argue 10% more or 4 more possessions per game. Simply by "Being There" (Peter Sellers movie).
Interested to hear back from Bucks fans. Is the offense fine as is?

Dave in Madtown.

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