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Giannis Antetokounmpo Appears on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show

It’s Giannis’ world, we are just basking in it.

Giannis sitting with Hasan Minaj during his appearance on the Daily Show Matt Wilson/Comedy Central’s The Daily Show

You know you’re a true superstar when you are making appearances on late-night television. There haven’t been many occurrences when we’ve seen a Wisconsin athlete in those parts, besides the occasional athlete reading mean tweet segments or hosting Jeopardy. But on Monday night, our very own Giannis Antetokounmpo was on Comedy Central’s The Daily Show. Giannis talked to host Hasan Minhaj about NBA All-Star Weekend where Giannis was Minhaj’s coach in the celebrity game. But there are some other takeaways from his time on the set.

Giannis is always going to be about family

The first thing Giannis talked about was the Charles Antetokounmpo Family Foundation that he is setting up. There are operations in Milwaukee, Greece, and Nigeria, all places that have an impact on Giannis’ life. Giannis also talked with Minhaj about the similar bond they have with being children of immigrant parents and especially answering the phone when mom calls. Thanasis also was ready to jump and defend his brother when Minhaj apparently was talking trash to Giannis during a game of horse.

Not every sweet treat appeals to Giannis

Giannis has a sweet tooth, we have seen this with his snacking on skittles and other adventures like dunking Oreos in milk. Giannis mentioned that his favorite cereals were Fruit Loops and Cinnamon Toast Crunch which wasn’t surprising. Giannis did try Reese’s Puff cereal and mentioned how that was delicious along with some south Asian delectables. Giannis also decided to eat a fruit roll-up with a wrapper on which to me was hilarious. But Giannis doesn’t like EVERY sweet; he did try a Hostess Sno Ball and immediately wasn’t a big fan. I’m glad Giannis has some sense because Sno Balls are disgusting and a bottom tier Hostess snack.

Giannis is playing on Tuesday?!?!

He mentioned before trying sweets that he has a game tomorrow and earlier talked about the knee being good so Giannis is probable against the Nets I guess.

Some sets of national media and/or fans are 100% going to take the trash talk seriously

At the end of the interview, Minhaj mentioned how Giannis doesn’t talk enough trash about others so he challenged Giannis to talk trash about some players. Giannis talked about Luka, Jokic, KD, and LeBron. Giannis had some snipes, but he always followed it up by saying something complimentary. Minhaj wrote the jokes, but I’m sure someone is going to clip what Giannis says and drive fake outrage.

Overall, Giannis looks like he had a good time and this was another moment of our Emperor Goof ascending more into the national spotlight. For anyone that decides to watch, here’s most of the appearance: