The Unofficial Brew Hoop Fantasy Regular Season Awards

Sure, we might be a few weeks away from the NBA's award season, but the moment you've all really been waiting for is finally here: League Commissioner Burt Snipes's regular season awards for the Unofficial Brew Hoop Fantasy League.

Let me begin by saying that it has been a fantastic year, and I hope some of you consider playing next year. If I am still around here next season, I'll run another league. Who knows: maybe we can get so many participants that we have to start a G-League of our own!



  1. Burt's Barn Burners (18 - 2)
  2. Money_Schott $ (16-4)
  3. Poker Addicts WI (15-5)
  4. StoneAge Bugs (14-6)
  5. Theodore Galanos (7-13)
  6. DTX's USA FUESPN (6-14)


  1. G May's Land of Misfit Toys (16-4)
  2. Riley's Vox HQ Blogbois (10-10)
  3. Cary's [529s] (8 -12)
  4. Team Gundrum (4-16)
  5. OjaB Lonhaulers (3-17)
  6. OG Snell (3-17)


As one of my favorite podcasters, Cephas Benson, says on the Bunt: "If you can't laugh at yourself, you're not living right." So I hope we can all laugh at ourselves a bit...

The Bud's Atlanta Hawks Award

For the team with the most regular season wins and no superstars, but most likely to get stomped in the playoffs.

This award goes to Burt's Barn Burners!

The Joel Embiid Award

For scoring the most points but still not finishing atop the East.

This award goes to Money_Schott's $!

The LeBron James Award

For the team that decimated the weaker conference. (No Conferences don't matter at all...)

This Award goes to G May's Land of Misfit Toys!

The John Wall Award

For handing out the worst contract to an oft-injured player.

This award goes to Theo's Bot! For spending 33% of his salary cap on Lamelo Ball and his disappointing season.

The Trader Jon (Horst) Award

For making the most in-season moves and constantly tweaking around the edges.

This award goes to Cary's [529s]!

The Taking for Wemby Award

This one should be obvious.

This year's Tanking for Wemby Award is shared by Team Gundrum, OG Snell, OjaB's Longhaulers, and DTX's FUESPNs.

The Joe Ingles Award

For being a part of a contender and talking the most (lighthearted) trash.

This award goes to Poker Addicts!

The Giannis Award

For being Greek and never giving up on your dreams of fantasy basketball glory.

This award goes to StoneAge Bugs who started 0-5 and never gave up, eventually creating a force to be reckoned with in the playoffs.

Rookie of the Year


This award goes to Riley's VOX HQ Blogbois, who was the first and only Brew Hoop Staff member to venture into the catacombs of Brew Hoop Fantasy and come out with a .500 record. Thank you for taking the time to play with the plebeian commentariat.

Again, thanks to everyone who participated. It was a fun year, and it will only get better with the playoffs around the corner, at the end of which a Champion will be crowned and virtual champaign bottles will be uncorked! Stay tuned for a playoff summary in a few weeks.

*Standings and Awards lists were compiled while one last game between the Knicks and Lakers was being played, which would have a meaningful impact for G May and Poker Addicts, but based on historical data, it became clear that G May had a 99.9% chance to win. This game could have also affected the Scoring Title/Joel Embiid Award, but I left it for the jokes. (G May very well could have won the scoring title too.) However, I admit that this may have created one or two little discrepancies. Please flame me in the comments if that's so.

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