In support of Giannis MVP candidacy

There was an article written on reddit in support of Giannis MVP candidacy that I wanted to highlight here before some loud mouth with unoriginal takes tried to take and claim as their own opinion.

Link to reddit

The above link highlights some of Giannis ability against the double team, and using some inferred, or deducted results, never sure which word is which when making conclusions about information with context making a single conclusion, that supports Giannis as the most impactful player in the league.

Seeing near the most double teams on a per game and percent of possessions and the team scoring ridiculously high points per play in those cases presents a case of near irrefutable MVP status.

I'm not going to try and steal their work. I'll leave you to read it from the source as I write words to meet the minimum. But take a look. Let me know your thoughts.

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