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Rapid Recap: Bucks 130, Spurs 94

Bucks take care of business in Mamu’s return to Milwaukee

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Milwaukee Bucks Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Well, that was easy. The Bucks would defeat the San Antonio Spurs soundly, 130-94. Box Score

The Bucks offense clicked right off the bat, quickly granting them the lead. It was a lead that they’d hold throughout the entirety of the quarter. Heading into the second period, Milwaukee was up by a 33-28 advantage.

San Antonio would hang around for the majority of the second quarter. However, in the dying embers of the first half, the Bucks rattled off a 15-2 run that put them up by double-digits. By finding their groove, they carried a 66-51 advantage at intermission.

The trouncing continued in the third quarter. The Bucks began things on another run, quickly extinguishing any concerns about their lead evaporating. After three, Milwaukee was up comfortably, 100-72.

From that point on, Bud started to pull the starters. There wasn’t much left for the Bucks to do to earn the victory, and the eventually sealed things up with a 130-94 win.

Stat That Stood Out

When it seemed as if it was the classic case of the Bucks playing with their food was unfolding, they flipped a switch. They did so to close out the first half, unleashing a 15-2 run that gave them all the padding they needed in this one. That momentum continued in the third and powered them over the finish line, providing all they needed for a 130-94 win.