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Site Announcement: Brew Hoop Podcast Name Change

You won’t need to do anything to your feed

It’s ironic the header image for this article is our Brew Hoop icon, because we’re technically not supposed to be using that anymore for our own Brew Hoop podcast. As some of you likely know, Riley, Kyle and myself (along with a rotating cast of staff) have been doing the Brew Hoop podcast since right after the Donte DiVincenzo draft.

As you also might’ve seen, Vox’s layoffs his SBNation and one of the after-effects was that much of their SBNation podcast network is migrating to new homes. Brew Hoop is one of those.

So, what does this mean for anyone who is already subscribed? Nothing.

Our podcast should update with new episodes as it always has, you’ll just see a slightly different title and (poorly configured) new icon to accompany the podcast. We just dropped our latest episode last night so it should’ve shown up on your preferred podcast platform. If you had issues, drop a line in the comments and I’ll be happy to try and help out.

If you aren’t a subscriber or want to pass along the podcast to a friend, it will now be titled Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Podcast by Brew Hoop. We’re rolling with that while we can.

We’re now using a different platform to upload our episodes, so please bear with us if there are any audio differences or delayed availability in the interim. If you’re not seeing new episodes show up in your feed, again, let us know in the comments so we can try and figure out what issues might arise.

Thanks to all for listening.