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NBA Open Thread - Week 21

Keep plugging away

New York Knicks (131) Vs. Boston Celtics (129) At TD Garden (2OT) Photo by Jim Davis/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

In a very (very) rough count of Milwaukee’s remaining games, I noted no fewer than 14 they should assuredly win if the team shows up. They may need every victory along the way, too, with the one seed in hand while opponents like the Boston Celtics sputter a little bit.

Thankfully, the Celts incurred a 2OT loss to the New York Knicks last night, assuring that the Bucks are now 1.5 games up in the standings. For the weeks ahead, I’m going to focus this portion of each open thread to chronicling what our nearest Eastern competitors have on the docket in the coming week. For example:

Boston Celtics (45-20)

  • @ Cleveland (40-26) Monday
  • v. Portland (30-34) Wednesday
  • @ Atlanta (32-32) Saturday

Philadelphia 76ers (41-22)

  • @ Indiana (29-36) Monday
  • @ Minnesota (34-32) Tuesday
  • v. Portland (30-34) Saturday
  • v. Washington (30-34) Sunday

Cleveland Cavaliers (40-26)

  • v. Boston (45-20) Monday
  • @ Miami (34-31) Wednesday
  • @ Miami (34-31) Friday
  • @ Charlotte (20-46) Sunday

It is hard to gauge where any shuffling may still occur in the East. Obviously the Bucks and Boston could swap places relatively easily, but for the most part those tiers I’ve talked about for weeks remain intact. Us and the Celtics in Tier I, the Sixers and Cavs in Tier II (I’m petty), and everyone from the Knicks through the play-in spots in Tier III. We’ll also be keeping an eye on how the play-in spots line up given the play-in tournament will determine if we have to face a pesky team like the Heat or Raptors in round one.

Anyways, enjoy the games and comment along below!