Early predictions for the '24 playoffs

Here are my way too early predictions for the 24 playoffs.

1 warriors have another injury filled year and finish bottom 5 in the west. Somehow they'll get a great draft pick.

2 my predictions for Eastern conference playoff teams in no order






6th spot is up for grabs, but I think Philly falls out of the top 5 due to age, injury, and lack of quality depth and lack of development.

3 Phoenix does not get a top 3 seed next year but makes the conference finals. Load management plays a big role in this.

4 Indy makes it out of the play in tournament if theyre in it. I'm not positive if they'll even be in the play in they might make 5th or 6th. But they will be in the official 8 team eastern conference playoffs

I'd love to see your predictions. But I doubt without a really convincing argument you're going to get me to change these now.

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