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Milwaukee Bucks Round One NBA Playoff Schedule

We may not know the opponent...but at least we know the game dates!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Toronto Raptors Nick Turchiaro-USA TODAY Sports

As the Milwaukee Bucks rest comfortably in their own beds, awaiting the results of both tonight’s Toronto Raptors-Chicago Bulls tilt and ultimately the winner of that game versus the Heat on Friday, we can start to clear our schedules at least. The dates and times for the Bucks first round series were released by the NBA:

With two days off in between Games 1-3, the team should be plenty healthy heading into those matchups before getting just one day off for the remainder of the series. I’m also impressed we only have one NBATV game on the schedule at the moment. If you’re an optimist, the good news is if the Bucks take care of business against whoever they end up facing, they should only have to deal with one day of rest for a single game in the series as they prep for round two.

That’s certainly helpful from a physical health standpoint, but it doesn’t account for my own mental health. Personally, if the Bucks lose in the Playoffs, the only thing I want is for a game to take place the next day so I don’t have to wallow in any sad discourse. Getting back on the buck is my first priority. So, here’s hoping we don’t have to deal with that reality among their first few contests here. Why not give us a stress-free existence as long as possible Milwaukee, lord knows it will only get tougher the further we advance.