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Milwaukee Bucks Reacts Results: Playoff Time

Here they come!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Washington Wizards Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

We must wait one more day to hear who the Milwaukee Bucks will be playing in their first round series, but one thing is certain, whether it’s the Miami Heat or the Chicago Bulls, NBA fans seem pretty confident the Bucks will prevail based on SBNation Reacts results. Out of all the favored teams in series that were in polls, Milwaukee had the highest percentage of fans confident they’ll win at 98% (a nudge ahead of Boston, who sat at 97%).

The other key question I posed earlier this week was who you thought would be the Bucks second best player this postseason. I was a little surprised.

Holiday getting the majority of the votes isn’t surprising, particularly given his emergence this year in the absence of Khris Middleton. I can totally see a reality where this comes true, and I actually think it probably needs to be true for Milwaukee to win a title this year. I’m not all that confident Khris can ascend to the heights he did in the championship run, so Holiday needs to pick up some of the slack. However, it was surprising to me that Brook got even a higher percentage of votes than Middleton. Between his injuries and uneven play this year, Khris clearly got dinged. I would say if Brook is the team’s third best player...this team probably ain’t winning it all, and that’s from someone who adores Brook. They need Khris to stay on the court as much as possible, there are scenarios where it may not make sense to play Lopez nearly as much.

It’ll be an intriguing Playoffs no matter the result. But in closing, I’d like to leave Bucks fans with a deliciously negative poll result from another fanbase that probably feels all to familiar to us 414 faithful.

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