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Reviewing the Forecast: Part Three, The Bucks

The End of the Extended Forecast

NBA: Memphis Grizzlies at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it looks like that time of the season has come when the Extended Forecast is no longer needed. It’s now, and only now that matters. The Bucks have achieved the number one seed in the NBA for the third time in the last five seasons, and as no other team has done during the tenure of head coach Mike Budenholzer, the Bucks are the only team to do this:

-Be on pace for 50 wins
-Always get past the first round of the playoffs
-Win a championship

This is of course assuming Milwaukee gets past Miami, Toronto, Atlanta, or Chicago in the series starting Sunday. They still will stand alone in dominance unless Denver wins the Finals AND Milwaukee misses the second round, since Denver is the only team to be on pace for 50 wins in that stretch, but they have missed the second round at one point.

Regardless, the Bucks have been dominant, and hopefully, it will continue. The last forecast went 3-0, with wins over Philadelphia, Washington, and Chicago to close out Milwaukee’s push for the number one overall seed. The Bucks then finished the season 0-2, but the big four did not see the court once, so it’s hard to count those losses to Memphis and Toronto. Still, it helped me stay somewhat within range of the Bucks in the standings. Here is where I finished.

Julie’s Prediction: 3-2 (56-26)

Bucks’ Record: 3-2 (58-24)

Last year, I had them at 54-28 and they finished at 51-31, so on a two-year span I am five games off total, but I did do one better than last year. I still had them going better than I did last season, and I was on pace for that again this year until the big winning streak really blew them by me in the standings. If I remember correctly, we were actually even at the All-Star break.

As the season concludes, I hope you remember all of the fun you have had watching the Bucks this season. There has been some weird stuff that has gone on, but overall it was a pretty nice season to watch. Whatever happens, moving forward, it’s still more good than bad, and only one team can come home with the Larry O’Brien trophy. Enjoy the playoffs, and then relax this summer!

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