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Report: Nick Nurse Expected to Meet with Milwaukee Bucks

Who is ready for the starters to play 45 minutes per game!?

NBA: Toronto Raptors at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

After many, many, many reported interviews, we finally have a report the Milwaukee Bucks are sniffing around Nick Nurse.

Who knows what a “formal meeting” entails, but at least there is finally a reputable connection between the franchise and a popular coaching candidate among the Bucks Brew Hooperati.

Whatever you think of Nurse in comparison to the other reported names, he has one thing few others can match: a championship ring. Given the bar at minimum for a new coach is one title, that makes Nurse one of the more attractive names on the market. When it comes to the readily available candidates, he’s certainly one that would leave me satisfied.

There are caveats though. His Toronto teams post-Kawhi never won a playoff round, and he had Thibodeauian tendencies last year cementing his starter’s sneakers to the court for an obscene number of minutes. Additionally, he really never found any sort of offensive system to match up with the many defensive schemes he maneuvered. What could he learn from that experience and bring to Milwaukee? Hopefully something better than Bud, but I can’t say Nurse is a cure-all for what ailed this team in the Playoffs.

Off the cuff though, I’d say I’d feel more comfortable walking into a Playoff series that Nurse can make the proper adjustments than almost anyone else who has reportedly been interviewed. As Shams says though, he may have his pick of job among the openings. We’ll keep you updated on Brew Hoop if more is reported.