A case against analytics

Kenny Atkinson is supposed to be known for being on the edge or at least one of the earlier adopters of advanced analytics in the NBA. And this is all well and good to say that he's open to using new information amd maybe digging deeper in to trends and making long term decisions about roster construction based on some solid information.

Know who else loved their numbers? Coach Bud. He loved those numbers that said do this and you'll win X% of the time. Do those and reduce the type of shots that yield the best results and you'll be setting yourself up for success across 82 games. Possibly one of the worst things the Bucks could have done is won game 2 with the same game plan that produced shots that said based on where they were taken, and how open they were vs Miami they should have won game 1. It told Bud the plan was going to work.

Except we aren't worried about 82 with our next coach. We're worried about 16 wins. We're worried about what happens when your plan isn't working like it did this post season again. I don't want my head coach looking at numbers and making decisions based on well our off season work said this is the way to go here

I want an assistant maybe that can go this is what we think is an area of improvement based on this number. That's fine and good for planning. I want a head coach looking at the floor and the tape going we need to adjust this thing here. Have Brook move up 2 steps to close the gap to the center so he can contest the short roll and be able to back up more if he needs to, but he can't sit at the restricted circle.

We need a coach who's not afraid to use the mid range in his game planning. Jimmy had mildly contested free throws part of the time against us. Think NBA players can't hit those at a decent clip?

I want Giannis playing no less than 34 minutes every time he takes the floor in March. I want his conditioning, and the rest of our key players, tested and showing they can go 38 to 42 minutes during the playoffs. I want guys that are willing to RUN their defenders in to the ground off ball. Don't let them rest. I want giannis Brook Bobby and anyone else over 220 lbs setting screens on guards ALL game long. I want brook setting double screens off ball just to make a guy run in to him over and over.

I showed the math during the championship run. Giannis needs to do less ball handling, I'm not going to rehash the math, but less is more when it comes to winning. His usage was a key indicator we were not going to win. It needed to drop drastically after Khris came back and it didn't.

So the next coach needs to use analytical thinking, but needs creativity and flexibility to go against the numbers just as much.

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