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Submit Your Adrian Griffin Questions For Raptors HQ!

You’ve got questions. We don’t have answers, but we know someone who does!

2022 Las Vegas Summer League - Chicago Bulls v Toronto Raptors Photo by Bart Young/NBAE via Getty Images

As you’ve likely heard, the Bucks are poised to hire the franchise’s seventeenth head coach with Saturday’s report that they are negotiating with former Raptors assistant Adrian Griffin. Opting for a first-time head coach comes as somewhat of a shocker to many fans and analysts, figuring that Milwaukee would replace Mike Budenholzer with someone who had previous coaching experience. In that situation, we’d have a lot more concrete info to go from.

The nature of assistant coaches in the NBA means that even dedicated observers of the team really don’t have much idea what individual staff members actually... well, do. Their bosses get the credit (or demerit) for the team’s performance and generally set its schemes. Assistants often tend to specialize in one side of the ball as their role on the staff, or focus more on player development. By many indications, Griffin’s expertise in Toronto was with his defense, but players who played under him—notably Jimmy Butler—have spoken out about how he helped their game improve.

We really don’t know much else, though. Mitchell has some further insight here, which might answer some of your questions, especially surface-level ones. But I know our readers have deeper questions about Griffin’s strengths and weaknesses, especially as they relate to the Xs and Os, in-game (or in-series) adjustments, halfcourt sets on offense, and overall defensive schemes. This stuff is hard to answer for someone who’s only been an assistant.

So, I reached out to our compatriots over at Raptors HQ to see if they can help us out. Rather than me and only me coming up with the questions—and I’m sure I have many of the same ones you do—let’s get you all involved.

Head to the comment section and pose whatever you want. I’ll cull them together since many will likely be similar, or can be grouped together to get a solid answer and export them across our northern border, then publish them here in a Q&A. I’ll take any questions between now and Wednesday. In the meantime, happy Memorial Day to our American readers.