R983's Head Coaching Candidates

Try to Poach -

I know this rarely happens in the NBA, but I'd try anyway. We can offer one of the best players in the league and the show at an immediate championship run. Plus, who wouldn't want to live in the league's second worst market and city? Oh wait...

  • Mark Daigneault - in my opinion, a top 10 coach in the league right now.
  • Tyron Lue - known as a good tactician and playoff coach, and he's won a ring. Top 10 coach for sure

NBA Retreads -

Coaches who didn't work out elsewhere, or had good careers and are no longer head coaches. These would be "safe" options in general, since we know that they at least have a significant track record of success.

  • Nick Nurse - easily the highest ceiling and most exciting option of the retreads in my opinion. Nurse won a championship with Toronto...other than that though, he's been pretty bad with the Raptors in my opinion, and there are whispers that his ego is a big problem. I'm not super high on Nurse as a candidate, but would prefer him over these other retreads. Age 55.
  • Kenny Atkinson - a former Bud assistant, but he's also been an assistant with the Warriors for a few years now, which worked wonder for Mike Brown and the Kings. I'd be really interested. He sorta got hired to coach Charlotte last year, but something went wrong and it got cancelled. Age 55.
  • Mike D'Antoni - I'm more interested in him as a lead assistant, but there is almost no doubt that D'Antoni would be revolutionary for our stagnant offense. Age 71.
  • Frank Vogel - he would maybe do for the defense what D'Antoni does for the offense. Somehow just 49 years old.
  • Dwayne Casey - solid all around coach, but I would not be particularly excited about Casey, as I don't see him being some sort of transformational figure. However, as a lead assistant.... Age 66.

Current Assistants -

These are obviously unproven and essentially total question marks to fans like me, who don't know how involved they are with their team, what their roles and strengths are, and how well they'd work with the roster. However, that doesn't stop me from looking up coaching rumors, team staff hierarchies, and speculating.

  • Charles Lee - the most well known option, Lee already has a connection with Bucks players. If Lee had brilliant, innovative schemes, why wouldn't the Bucks already be doing them? 38 years old.
  • Dan Craig - Associate Head coach for the Clippers. He's worked previously for Spo and Doc Rivers, and now for Lue, so I'd say his pedigree is very good. He also coached a G-league championship team.42 years old.
  • Johnnie Bryant - Associate Head coach for the Knicks. I was thinking recently that Thibs is not a coach I like, but the Knicks are surprisingly good; they're also 3rd on Offense, which is not typically Thibs forte at all. So, perhaps their coaching staff might have a hidden gem. Enter Bryant. Here's a great article about him: Age 37.
  • Sergio Scariolo - Was serving as an assistant coach for the Raptors, and is interviewing for their HC job. From Wikpedia: "Italian professional basketball coach who is head coach of Virtus Bologna of the Italian Lega Basket Serie A (LBA) and the head coach of the senior Spain national team. Having won four EuroBasket championships and a World Cup at the head of Spain, Scariolo is one of the most successful coaches in the history of international competitions." He's already 62, which is not young, but as long as he'd commit to like give more years, I'd be fine with it.
  • Adrian Griffin - Considered a really strong coaching candidate and helped develop Jimmy Butler. He's worked as an assistant coach with five different teams, including the Raptors last season. 48 years old.
  • Jordi Fernandez - Associate Head coach for the Kings this season. Previously a long time assistant for the Nuggets, and the head coach of a G league team. He's also worked with Mike Brown extensively, including as an assistant coach for the Nigeria national team. Age 40.
  • Chris Quinn - main assistant coach for the Miami Heat, which is the only team he's worked for at the NBA level. Given that he's been there for 7 years, I don't know that he has any desire to leave, but maybe for the right situation. Age 39.
  • Josh Longstaff - interesting mainly for his Bucks ties. From Wikipedia: "He is an assistant coach with the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association. He was previously the head coach of the Erie BayHawks, and an assistant coach with the Milwaukee Bucks, Oklahoma City Thunder and New York Knicks." Age 40.
  • David Adelman - the lead assistant coach for the Denver Nuggets and the son of former NBA coach Rick Adelman. Besides that, his resume is pretty slim, but that's a good start. Age 41.

Current College Coaches

  • Nate Oats - Alabama basketball coach. I had him on my list of coaching options before Alabama really broke out. Unfortunately, it was also before he revealed himself as a pretty low-character guy. Age 48.
  • Eric Musselman - Arkansas basketball coach. I also had him on my list, before he coached at Arkansas. He is a prior head coach of the Kings and Warriors. Age 58.
  • Dan Hurley - current Uconn basketball coach. Uconn just won the national championship, so this one is pretty obvious. Hurley was also a star coach at Rhode Island, and is the brother of Bobby Hurley. Age 50.

Dark Horses

  • Jay Wright - is this why he retired from Villanova? He is perhaps the most interesting of any college coach, but he is 61, and may just be done with the grind. Age 62.
  • Kevin Ollie - former Uconn basketball coach and current G-League Ignite coach. His tenure at Uconn was a bit of a disaster, but included a national championship. He played in the NBA, including for the Bucks. Age 50.
  • Becky Hammon - current head coach of the WNBA Las Vegas Aces, who won the 2022 championship, and she won the Coach of the Year award. Former Spurs assistant coach for 8 years. She also coached CSKA Moscow for 3 years. Age 46.
  • Chase Buford - from Wikipedia: " head coach of the Sydney Kings of the Australian National Basketball League (NBL). Buford has also been the head coach of the Wisconsin Herd of the NBA G League." His Australian team is the back to back reigning champion. Age 34.

My Top Choices:

Not in order, but the 8 I find most intriguing/appealing.
  • Chase Buford
  • Dan Hurley
  • Chris Quinn
  • Jordi Fernandez
  • Dan Craig
  • Kenny Atkinson
  • Mark Daigneault/Tyron Lue

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