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Site Announcement: LIVE Locked On Bucks Podcast Recording in Milwaukee, 6/28 at Broken Bat Brewing!

After far too many years and a pandemic, the prodigal sons return

If you haven’t ever listened to, or subscribed to our friends at Locked On Bucks, a daily Bucks podcast, go do so immediately! Started as an outgrowth of our own Brew Hoop pod by The Athletic Bucks beat reporter—and former Brew Hoop writer—Eric Nehm and Brew Hoop co-founder Frank Madden, now helmed by friend of the site Kane Pitman of ESPN, these gentlemen have been at work for years delivering you great Bucks content in audiovisual form hundreds of times per year. I personally have been a regular listener for the better part of the last decade.

They did this once years ago, but any chances of it happening again since were dashed by a certain global pandemic. Now that Kane is back in the states temporarily covering the NBA Finals, he’s swinging through Milwaukee to record a live podcast from Broken Bat Brewing in Milwaukee, and even Frank is coming back to America’s Dairyland for it!

As you can see, in just over two weeks the podcasting will occur on Wednesday, June 28th at 7pm at Broken Bat. They say they’re in Walker’s Point—and perhaps they are officially—but their address of 135 E. Pittsburgh Ave. (Milwaukee, WI 53204) puts them smack in the middle of Walker’s Point and the Third Ward. So very centrally located and easy to get to.

Kane and Frank, LOB’s primary hosts, will be joined by former host Nehm, plus regular LOB guests Justin Garcia of WTMJ/Bucks Radio and Camille Davis of the TECKnical Foul podcast. If you’re in the Milwaukee area, we invite you to knock back a beer or two and join them for what surely will be a great evening. Who knows, you might just meet a fellow Brew Hooper there...