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Site Announcement: Out With The Old, In With The New

Bon voyage to Adam and Mitchell as Van steps into the lead chair

If you’re here, you’re probably a fan of the Milwaukee Bucks. That’s cool, we are too. And as the team has recently navigated a leadership transition, Brew Hoop happens to find itself in the same boat.

Effective June 30, both Adam Paris and Mitchell Maurer will be stepping down as co-managing editors of the site. Don’t worry, we’re still around and are grateful to be able to depart on our own terms. Taking the lead role for Brew Hoop will be none other than Van Fayaz, which honestly is one of the main reasons that we (Mitchell and Adam) feel like we can step down. A number of other SB Nation sites have not been as lucky to find such a capable successor, and we are confident that we are leaving Brew Hoop in good hands. Van’s willingness to take up the mantle and continue leading the site – and, more importantly, the community – forward is a stroke of good fortune that we will always appreciate.

It’s no secret that the site has changed over the years. We took on the considerable challenge of filling the shoes of Frank Madden, who’s still a staple among Bucks fans even years after having stepped away from the site that he founded alongside Alex Boeder. The community evolved, the franchise grew up, and the entire sports/media landscape continues a shift that started decades ago. But through it all, Brew Hoop has maintained focus on one top priority: to generate content and provide a forum that fuels constructive discussion and debate about our favorite basketball team. It wasn’t perfect under Frank and Alex, it hasn’t been perfect under Adam and Mitchell, and it won’t be perfect under Van and company...but it will be the best that we can make it, because it is what we make it.

We are truly thankful for the opportunity to act as stewards for this site, this digital gathering place. More importantly, we are thankful to Van (as well as SB Nation and Vox Media) for the continued existence of Brew Hoop. It is, in our view, the absolute best place to talk Milwaukee Bucks basketball. We hope it stays that way.

Adam and Mitchell will each publish a farewell post before the end of the month, but if you have anything you want to say to us in the meantime, leave a comment below. We care what you think, even on the way out, so let us know!

And, as always, go Bucks!