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Bye Bye Brew Hoop

A run I’m truly thankful for...and remember, Brew Hoop is two words

NBA: Indiana Pacers at Milwaukee Bucks Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Mitchell, we did it huh? We frickin’ did it. Sure, shepherding Brew Hoop in a post-Frank Madden era doesn’t neatly compare to the gargantuan task of winning an NBA championship, but spending a whole lotta years pounding away at keyboards with a teammate sure does. As our tenure at Brew Hoop comes to a close, I mostly want to reflect on how appreciative I was to have a team of comrades at the site so committed to covering the Bucks in their unique ways, and to wish Van the best of luck leading it into the future.

When I became co-managing editor, I might’ve even been the newest member of Brew Hoop at the time. Frank was gracious enough to welcome me aboard at an opportune time in my life. I’d recently quit my job and moved to Philly to try and pursue writing full-time. So ya, I had a stupid amount of time on my hands. Enough to watch every Jabari Parker bucket between refreshing Indeed tabs. So really, there wasn’t much basis for Mitchell needing to have me as co-managing editor. He’d been there longer, was established with the staff, knew the commentariat better, etc. I remain very thankful to him for letting me tag along; not long after we took over, I landed a full-time writing job that transformed into my career. I don’t think I get that gig without a Brew Hoop position on my resume.

Thank you Mitchell for indulging in my many stupid ideas, joining in with his own, and teaching me a lot about managing people. It’s been one heck of a run.

Getting to start the podcast up again with Riley and Kyle was a highlight. (and please, share the “Milwaukee Bucks Basketball Podcast Presented by the Podcast Formerly Known as Brew Hoop: For Milwaukee Bucks Fans Podcast” with your friends). It was also a helpful lifeline during the pandemic knowing we could all still commiserate in misery together. I’m going to dearly miss hearing those two trash Bucks opponents in truly original ways.

To anyone who was been a part of the site since we’ve been here, thanks for helping keep the lights on, especially Gabe for his many nights of game coverage, Van for leading us into the next age, plus Morgan, Greg, Andrew, JT, Ari, Michael, Julie, Dru, Alex, Patrick, Sean, Ryley, Brian, Dean, Corey, Brett, Dylan, and anyone else I missed.

Most of all, I’m very fortunate to have had a platform to talk about the Bucks at a time when plenty of people also wanted to talk about the Bucks. I still remember my freshman year of college, in between falling asleep during econ, perusing the postgame pieces popping up on Brew Hoop or Bucksketball. At the time, I couldn’t have conceived that I’d even get to write one of those pieces. Now, I get to reflect on how I’ve written wrap-ups from the 400 section of the Bradley Center, bathroom stalls at dive bars, and so many more places I’ll look back fondly upon. But, it’s time to hang it up.

That’s my Green and Growing wrap-up music. Thank you to anyone who read my pieces over the years, listened to the podcast, left a comment, etc. And stay tuned to Brew Hoop, the Bucks certainly won’t stop here.