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Report: Jae Crowder To Remain A Milwaukee Buck

Let’s try this again

Indiana Pacers v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

For a couple of weeks there we got to play the game “Where in the world is: Jae Crowder’s next team?” It was a journey that took us from China to Germany, and it looks like it’ll ultimately have been a massive waste of all our time. Jae Crowder shall remain a Buck:

Author’s note: We don’t have Jae’s contract number just yet; will update the post when we have it! Just assume it isn’t a gargantuan amount.

Crowder spent a large portion of last year as a Phoenix Sun complaining about being replaced as a starter by hot new thing Cam Johnson. He was so annoying that Phoenix paid him to stay away from the organization completely; Crowder eventually got his sought-after move heading to Milwaukee at the trade deadline having been re-routed in a deal with the Brooklyn Nets.

You know how the story went from there.

He would appear in 18 games for the Bucks in the regular season, averaging 6.9 points (.479/.436/.833), 3.8 rebounds, and 1.5 assists. Things looked relatively good on the offensive end with strict adherence to an extremely marginal role as a corner three guy with hopes that the defense would gel at the right moment. Then the playoffs came and Jae, like almost everyone on the roster, turned into a gourd with legs. He had moments of isolation defense that, frankly, made me sad.

But what the hell, the Bucks have very few ways to get playable veterans and maybe Mike Budenholzer was controlling Jae like a necromancer from the bench.

Jae turns 33 this week and has self-identified as having nine fingers. Welcome back!