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Monday Morning Media Roundup: July 10th, 2023

The “Mystery Box SZN” Edition

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Chicago Cubs v Milwaukee Brewers Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

Things are mostly wrapped up with the Bucks as only the question of filling the 15th roster spot remains (barring any trades). In broad strokes, then, we have a core of veterans and a group of young guys who may or may not break into the actual rotation.


  • Giannis Antetokounmpo
  • Khris Middleton
  • Jrue Holiday
  • Brook Lopez
  • Grayson Allen
  • Bobby Portis
  • Pat Connaughton
  • Malik Beasley
  • Robin Lopez
  • Jae Crowder

Young Players

  • MarJon Beauchamp
  • AJ Green
  • Andre Jackson Jr.
  • Chris Livingston

You’ve got the core four as usual, Grayson as the assumed starter (but also TBD with Adrian Griffin’s evaluation), vet backups at more or less every position sans PG, and the four wildcards. In Beauchamp, Jackson Jr. and Livingston you’ve three guys at 6’6”-6’7” with Beauchamp particularly showing positive forward moment in the growth of his game. AJ Green is also on the roster. Is that group enough to have a solid regular season? More importantly, can they win a title?

Er... maybe. The glaring lack of a single true point guard in the bunch is hard to overlook, even if Mike Budenholzer offenses of the past made due without them. After another playoff go-around that put a spotlight on inadequate passing and ball-handling up and down the roster, you do wonder how GM Jon Horst intends on addressing those weaknesses. As it is, for the umpteenth year in a row, Khris Middleton is probably the best passer on the team, and even then the results can be mixed at times.

Encouragingly, Griffin being in Vegas working directly with the young players should serve as a solid first step in putting the puzzle together in a way that will utilize options with growth upside. But barring a truly miraculous leap, a catch-all fix is not in Nevada right now.

In seasons past I’d place this roster as a favorite for a Finals appearance, but the structural weaknesses from that same past remain. Are a changed coaching staff and a handful of mystery boxes enough to alter the underlying dynamics?

Let’s roundup!

Every free agency deal, extension & trade for all 30 teams (

To be totally fair to Horst & Co., the East remains pretty unsettled and therefore wide open, even if the Bucks fail to routinely massacring opponents. Kristaps Porzingis in Boston is a choice and who knows how the Jaylen Brown Saga will end, the Heat lost a few key rotation guys — and will simply regenerate their forms via vats of Café Cubano, I have no idea what the Cavs are doing, we’re another year closer to the typical Thibs detonation in New York, the Sixers.

Even if Damian Lillard comes East, a trade for a salary of his size and player his caliber will likely handicap his new team as well. So if the Bucks approach is uninspiring, you need merely take a look around and get what they’re going for.

Bucks 2023 summer league capsules (Bally Sports) & Bucks Announce Assistant Coaching Staff (

For those who want a quick vignette of every player on the Summer League roster AND quick vignettes of the entire coaching staff being lined up underneath Adrian Griffin.

Vin Baker is forever.

The unlikely transformation of Bucks center Brook Lopez (ESPN)

It takes an unbelievable level of skill to alter the very core of your approach to your profession, especially as a professional. That Brook was able to radically change his shooting profile is nothing short of amazing; God only knows how many players have been asked to shift priorities and just can’t make the change effectively. Now that he’s been paid paid, it’s about how much gas is left in the tank.

‘Less hate here on Threads’: Giannis, Tom Brady among athletes embracing Twitter rival (LA Times)

Add it to the list of random things Giannis has given a full backing to. While Meta is no underdog, I find it funny that the second a store brand Twitter alternative pops up, Giannis is right on it. Someday his candy shipment/threading/headphone/telehealth/watch empire will cohere into logical form, and we’ll weep at its intellectually consistent branding beauty.

Fan Post of the Week

JSOnline Castaway 2.0 used two simple tricks which should drive their FPOTW rivals CRAZY: 1) Actually made and hit “publish” on a FanPost and 2) Made copying+pasting previous work the driving force behind the post. And so we’re now asked the question, “Are you a BOSS Champ?”

Think you know anything about basketball? Have you heard of the Milwaukee Bucks before? You’re qualified to put your name in the hat and take part in The Debate To End All Debates this September. Details at the links above, all applications welcome!

The Social Media Section

Looks like the social media companies are back to throttling previews of content on other pages for reasons. The gist this week was Giannis is in China (Guangzhou, specifically) for some Nike events, Khris is running an upcoming basketball camp in Charleston, MarJon has reply guys saying he’s the Summer League MVP, and Serge is... gearing up for a comeback.

All in all, about what you’d expect from the crew.

Oh, and Bobby is posting about the haters

The fawns down at Summer League have another day off today and will be playing on Tuesday against the Brooklyn Nets at 5:00 PM (CT). Then, it’s back on again Thursday against the Heat at 4:30 PM (CT). From there, the Bucks will be seeded in the Summer League playoff tournament to play on Saturday or Sunday.

Happy Monday!