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Site Announcement: Game 6 Rewatch Party, Friday 7/21 at The Cooperage

Two years have gone by since the glory, but we can still relive it!

Friends of the site Dan Shafter of the fantastic column The Recombobulation Area (yes, named after the unique-to-Milwaukee post-TSA space at Mitchell where you can get your wits about you after taking off your shoes, belt, etc.) and Tyler Maas of the essential Milwaukee cultural hub Milwaukee Record are doing it again: a Game 6 rewatch! For the second year in a row, they’ll bring the good times to The Cooperage on Friday, July 21st to once again bask in the spectacle that was Milwaukee’s first championship in fifty years.

Having been to The Cooperage myself for a wedding, I can attest to its outstanding quality as a venue. A big indoor space, a long and full bar, plus a great view of the Hoan Bridge outside. Taco Moto will be there as they often are serving Mexican fare outside and local seltzermongers System has a deal going for a dollar off their products at the bar in addition to giving samples.

The best part? It’s completely FREE. More info can be found here. Go out and support our friends Dan, Tyler, and his colleagues at Milwaukee Record while re-experiencing the great feels from just two short years ago. Oh, and don’t do what this bar did: