Why doesn't anyone else want to be a BOSS?

There is a critical lack of long form comments in the comment sectionis my theory, no one wants to write well thought out opinions. That or everyone's scared Riley is going to continue to push for that title through his writing experience. But a total of only 2 comments isn't reassuring for filling the rest of JSO2's contest spots.

I challenge those of you who drop on with the hot takes to enter the contest. Show us that your takes are more than just fly by night opinions, but that you have the ideals to help keep this site running through the dead part of the season. Show us that you care and have the passion to make your ideals heard. And you're willing to stand up to scrutiny. And if you lose, take your losses like and adult and learn from them to do better the next week.

But stand up, be counted and keep Brewhoop open through traffic and interaction.

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