Are you a BOSS Champ?


I don't mean like that lame "Inaugural In-Season NBA Cup Champion" sort of history. Way cooler than that.

It's about YOU being regarded by your PEERS as a Bucks fan worthy of celebrating!!!! Behold: the Brewhoop Offseason Summer Series Championships. (Or BOSS Champ for short.)

Here's how it works:

  • Each Sunday, I post in a FanPost the topic for the entrants to comment on.
  • By Tuesday, the competitors respond with their take on the topic.
  • The rest of the week, the whole community votes via Recs which competitor has the better comment.
  • On Saturday, the voting closes. The top 4 Rec-getters move on to the Final Four, then the top 2 the following week to the championship.
  • Each following Sunday, I reveal the results and post the next topic.
  • I would start this 4-week tournament September 3, and end it September 24, just before training camp.

Anyhow, we need at least 8 people to commit each week in September to enter a submission each Tuesday. We already have three contestants locked in: Riley Feldmann, WiscJoe, and stoneAge! Only five more are needed, so please reply below!

We would also need enough overall community engagement to vote. If you are willing to join this endeavor as a voter, please also reply below. Thanks!

Editor's note: Sorry for copying and pasting a bunch from my MMMR comment from last week. But I'm lazy.

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