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Report: Bucks to Play Knicks on Christmas in New York

Giannis and the Bucks head to Madison Square Garden on Dec. 25th

Boston Celtics v Milwaukee Bucks

Time to start planning your Christmas morning with family. The NBA has announced their slate of Christmas Day games and the Bucks will be kicking the festivities off:

This is the sixth straight season the Bucks will be playing on Christmas. You might remember them playing on Christmas Day in New York back in 2018. That was the game that snapped Milwaukee’s Christmas Day drought, as that was their first game played on December 25th since 1977.

Thankfully, with Giannis at the helm, the Bucks will continue to play on Christmas for years to come. Make sure to sit back and enjoy it. It’s always a treat to play on this day, especially when the Packers’ schedule also falls on Christmas.