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Reacts Survey Results: Bucks fans confident in successful season

Will this be another big year for Milwaukee? You all seem to think so!

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Orlando Magic Nathan Ray Seebeck-USA TODAY Sports

The other day, we put out a preseason poll to gauge the Milwaukee faithful’s level of optimism regarding a few of the burning questions heading into the campaign. We owe a big thank you to everyone who participated in this exercise; it’s always interesting to track the mood on these pressing issues.

Without further ado, let’s get into this example of democracy in action:

Nearly nine of every ten voters thinks that the Bucks will eclipse 53 wins this season.

This one was interesting for me. On its face, 53 wins seems almost insultingly low for a squad coming off of a 58-win season and the best record in the East (let’s not get into what happened next). Yes, they have a rookie head coach. But not every new coach is blessed with a corps of guys that have won a title and still seem to be in the window to seriously compete for a title.

At the same time, though, growing pains are not atypical for someone in Griffin’s position. It’s also important to mention that the Bucks are tied for the highest projected win total in the entire league (with the Celtics and Nuggets also having lines at 52.5), so it’s not like this low total is singling us out.

Obviously, the Celtics are the Bucks’ primary threat to take the top seed in the East, and it makes sense that “two” was the winning result. The number of fans who think we could fall to the third seed was a bit surprising, but I guess Miami or Cleveland could take a bit of an unexpected leap in the regular season.

Barring a major injury, I think the panic button could be on the table if the Bucks fall all the way to the fourth seed. 2% of you seem to have that level of anxiety, so I hope you are pleasantly surprised over the course of the next eight months.

(1 being least worried and 5 being most)

When you have a generational talent in a medium-sized market, there will always be a lingering anxiety about the glamour of a New York, Los Angeles or Miami. I think Giannis is a unique character, though, and there hasn’t seemed to be as much turmoil as there usually is in these situations. The organization has made it clear that they are committed to him, and he seems to be content to return the loyalty.

I hope to god that paragraph doesn’t end up on @FreezingColdTakes.

Last year, Giannis and Jrue represented the Bucks in the most “meh” weekend on the NBA calendar, but two-thirds of you believe that the Greek Freak will be the lone honored member of this year’s squad.

That’s not a ridiculous take by any means. Middleton has made it three times in the last five seasons, but it is still unclear if he will return to form after his recent run-ins with the injury bug. If the Bucks secure the one or two seed in the East, I would be pretty surprised if the squad only has one All-Star. I bet Jrue or Khris—hell, maybe even Brook Lopez—would accompany him on a team with that level of success.

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