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I miss the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House at the Wisconsin State Fair

And make the milk 50 cents again while we’re at it!

Thon Maker at the Wisconsin State Fair Photo by Gary Dineen/NBAE via Getty Images

Summertime in Wisconsin is something that’s hard to beat, especially in Milwaukee. There’s a plethora of festivals that unravel starting in June, and the State Fair serves as a massive culmination of animals, fried foods, sweets, and more.

But one of the things that isn’t tied to it anymore is the Milwaukee Bucks Milk House. While the Milk House still exists, it’s now presented by Gruber Law Offices.

Things just seemed better when it was run by the Bucks. First, the milk was fifty cents—not a dollar. Paired with the variety of flavors ranging from plain to banana and everything in between, it was a great way to refresh yourself after walking around the Expo Center listening to the live episodes of paid programming salesmen selling salad choppers.

Then you had the players. The Bucks used the State Fair as an opportunity to introduce new players (whether it be from the draft, free agency, or another acquisition) to the public. Name a more Wisconsin way to introduce a player to their fans than serving milk at a state fair. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane:

Look at the ingenuity of Copeland! I know I’d try that concoction. I’d also love to hear the story about how Jabari Parker couldn’t find the strawberries.

You even had Thon Maker visit and dish out milk to everyone. Where else in the world are you going to have a 7-foot man serve out cold milk to people seeking their autograph?

I’ll be headed down to the fairgrounds on Sunday. Follow me on Twitter to see if the Bucks did bring it back, but as of right now, my hopes aren’t high as I haven’t seen any press releases or anything in that realm. However, I’ll always have the memories of seeing newcomers meeting the Bucks faithful in the most Wisconsin way possible—by serving milk. Let’s hope we can see this tradition return in the future.