Khris's starting job

Khris's job shouldn't be to start. At least not the first 20 games of the season. This whole article is assuming perfect health, but I am aware that isn't likely to happen and things are probably going to shift.

To start the season, khris should be trying to fill super sub, playing starter type minutes, in the vein of Manu Ginobli. What is the best way to test a young player in as controlled conditions as possible IN SEASON? It's to give them solid minutes against a given opponent, and more importantly a given defensive and offensive assignment that they are to work on in the context of the flow of the game. What better way than to job start Marjon?

The benefits of the start are controlling the variables that he needs to account for, and playing him with 4 of the most talented players on the roster. I also believe that if you tell him to be in motion the entire time he's on offense, knowing he won't be playing 20 plus minutes most nights you can begin to set a pace for movement off the ball, and for having the ball move more around the perimeter and in to and back out of the paint by encouraging that type of movement from the tip. And this is doubly important for role players.

Marjon moving means that Grayson can move more as well, taking advantage of the defense tracking an active mover to set screens for him to try and open himself off Marjon's cuts. This is a tried and true method of creating space, and that his relocation can occur to more spots as Marjon moving would open other areas as he cut across the middle of the floor or relocated on the perimeter. Their movement will hopefully lead to less Giannis at the top of the key, and if they use the movement to take a dribble or two and move the ball along, can create creases for Giannis, Brook, and Jrue to move to the hoop without the ball, to receive it closer, and on the move to reduce the time the D has to set up against a particular path of attack.

Another benefit of bringing Khris off the bench is you can bring in either AJ Green or AJJ and still keep an excellent shooter and a passable distributor on the floor with them in their first few minutes of game action each time. Say you take Jrue and Marjon off and either Green or AJJ come on with Khris and for a minute or two you still have all of Giannis, Grayson, and Brook or Bobby out there with them. Still average defenders at worst behind them. And good offensive players to keep things going through the middle of the first and third quarters.

For Khris you habe the benefit of coming in potentially against a back up, and knowing he will have the ball in his hands. So you give your flamethrower a chance to get going. And you set those rotations to keep 2 of Jrue, Khris, and Giannis on the floor for a full 48, and could guarantee it with as little as 32 minutes a night for all 3 with perfect rotations. And this could extend to the playoffs where in 36 to 42 minutes it's easier to overlap the 3 of them, but you could still minimize their overlap in games that aren't as tight by having Khris off the bench to start the game.

I also think that in you can run 2 of the young guys out there at the end of the first half. And in those cases you tell them again, they need to be running on offense, working to get open. And you make sure the vets know to feed them.

Ultimately I doubt that they will sit Khris to start games to start the season, but I think in the long run, examining the totality of the team, there's good reason to give it a chance.

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