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Report: Alex Antetokounmpo was a Milwaukee Buck (For About An Hour)

Vin Diesel as Dom Toretto had it right: It’s about family

NBA: All Star-Saturday Night Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

EDIT: Just kidding! BH alum Eric Nehm torpedoed my article just a bit ago:

In the words of the inimicable Kyle Carr: Grand opening, grand closing. Note that the below was written prior to the waiver. Congrats to Alex on getting G-League level paid.

From one Antetokounmpo brother potentially leaving town in the belief that the grass truly is greener on the other side, to now having three Antetokounmpo brothers on the roster. Oh how the tables have turned:

Alex Antetokounmpo’s return to the Bucks organization is almost assuredly happening under the guise of an Exhibit 10 contract. He joins Drew Timme and Jazian Gortman on said deals and so rounds out the entirety of the 21-man roster the Bucks will bring into training camp later this month.

Alex is a graduate of Dominican High School in Whitefish Bay and made the jump immediately to the pros heading to Spain to sign for UCAM Murcia. He went undrafted in the 2021 NBA Draft but eventually found a home with Raptors 905, Toronto’s G-League affiliate. After a single season in which he made 15 appearances without doing a whole bunch, the Wisconsin Herd took him off Toronto’s hands last summer.

From there, Antetokounmpo would play in 35 games and average 22.3 minutes across the season. Unfortunately, a big uptick in minutes came alongside a general collapse in his shooting numbers — averages of .372/.247/.559 are quite dreadful for the level of play. His rebound percentage of 7.0% isn’t inspiring either.

Why is he here, then? Because he is still young (i.e. “PoTeNtIaL”) and because there is little downside to keeping Giannis’s brother within the organization’s confines — unless you believe the front office is capable of suddenly turning things around when it comes to scouting fringe players. If they’re going to burn a training camp slot on a nobody, that nobody might as well be a direct blood relative of their superstar. Besides, continued access to Alex means we get continued behind-the-scenes content over at his YT channel.

Welcome to Alex, and best of luck to him and the organization.