You just proved other teams fanbases right.

Thanks for doing a massive disservice to the entirety of the fan base. All the fans of other teams who want to claim Bucks fans are homers, frontrunners, and know nothing about basketball were just proven right with the vote for the starting SG being less valuable than 3 players who aren't expected to see meaningful minutes in every series. I am waiting impatiently for some explanation other than the undefended he shouldn't even start comment by one poster. What I see is a bias against a guy who shoots well from the outside, is an adequate defender, and comfortably can go stretches without the ball in his hand and still hit when called upon.

Someone please give me a rational explanation for this vote. This wasn't what I thought I'd be writing on this week, but between the lack of news and the lack of entries in to the boss contest, AKA people willing to defend their views and opinions, there's wasn't much else to write on.

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