September 2023 - Book Review - Marcus Aurelius

Book title / Author:

The meditations of the emperor marcus aurelius antoninus

Book can be downloaded from Libertyfunds as a pdf for free.

- This is no easy read, to me it was hard and I still don't understand everything said, but I have read this one and to me, it had the best translation and edit, even over other paid editions. You probably can skip the Introduction part which is about 35 pages long, easily. You likely could do the same with the next pages talking about the life of Marcus Aurelius, but if you are a context and detail reader. Go for it! Actual Meditations start at page 59, the whole book is about 248 pages long. It may not sound much, but back then when I read it, it sure felt much longer, lol.

This is mostly notes by himself taken over the time of his life. He was known as a Stoic, so someone who tried to have an emotionless approach to life. I love the initial part where he starts to mention what things he learned from other People. He speaks on how someone should conduct himself, what can be done and about life in general.

In modern times, sports athletes are role models for many People around the Globe and Giannis is surely aware of it as he has commented on it in the past. So, it's interesting to read what was regarded "right" back then and compare it to how these athletes stack up to it. Well, I'll tell you ... not good, haha, but the standards are pretty high to be honest.

You can also compare this book to other more modern published books about how to live. An old Brewhooper once suggested to me to read, Jordan Peterson's 12 rules of life and when I read it, I had to chuckle at the first rule of standing straight up. The thing that came to my mind was Giannis taking free throws and what would happen if he took them in an upright (upper core) position.

So, you can say, here are two book suggestions and it depends on your appetite how much you want to eat, haha.

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