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Monday Morning Media Roundup: Happy New Year!

Milwaukee Bucks links for your perusal on January 1st, 2024

Milwaukee Bucks v Detroit Pistons Photo by Chris Schwegler/NBAE via Getty Images

Normally, I’d have a long intro ready for you that attempts (and often fails) at tapping in to the goings on of the Milwaukee Bucks previous week in the guise of “analysis”. But, admittedly, I’ve been away seeing friends and family all across southeast Wisconsin and have only caught a little bit of the beloved Bucks in the meantime.

So I’ll content myself by wishing everyone a happy new year and thanking you for making this one of the first places you may stop in 2024. With the holidays wrapped up, the midpoint of the season beckons and true jockeying for playoff positioning begins in earnest. The impending start of All-Star voting will also give us something to chew on as the Bucks do everything in their power to make sure Adrian Griffin is the guy in charge of the East All-Stars come February 18th.

As ever, you have our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this community, and we look forward to following the Bucks’s journey with you all in the coming months!

Let’s roundup!

Milwaukee Bucks Links

Milwaukee Bucks Statement on the Passing of Herb Kohl (

A brief statement of the team on Kohl’s death. They end it by indicating a memorial of some sort will be done in his name soon, likely at an upcoming home game. Some addition to the court or to the jerseys to honor his legacy the rest of the season seems appropriate to me, but I’ve no idea how much that’d take out of the owners’ pockets.

‘No-brainer’: Gleeson reunites with Griffin for Bucks’ title run (ESPN)

Given his resume, I wouldn’t be surprised if Gleeson is eventually elevated to the lead assistant spot in the near future once he has time to settle in. If he was truly a Griffin pick (which seems likely given their shared history), I assume there won’t be questions about hierarchy or who is running things. Glad to see the coaching staff finally rounded out.

Five Biggest Takeaways From the 2023 NBA Christmas Games (The Ringer)

Mark Zach Kram down as another Andre Jackson Jr.-as-closer truther. The other obvious option to fit in to a final five-man lineup is Jae Crowder, but until we see how he’s recovered from surgery I’d say there is no shoo-in for Adrian Griffin to pick from right now when games are close/important.

NBA trade season has arrived: Five Teams to Watch (CBS Sports)

At this point you have to assume the Bulls will trade someone, anyone. Then again, they’ve shown the capacity to keep trudging along into oblivion for this long so what’s another few months? For the Bucks purposes, seeing what the Sixers manage is most relevant to the team’s goal of winning right now. If Tobias Harris + some picks gets a piece who actually moves the needle alongside Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey... watch out.

NBA considering punishing Nets after roster controversy against Bucks (New York Post)

Who says we can’t be party to a little more controversy? Thankfully, this time it is the other team going through a mini-rumble rather than the Bucks. I’d be surprised if the league actually put the hammer down on Brooklyn as the “anti-DNP — Rest” policy appears too vague to be willingly applied by Adam Silver & Co., but pulling a bunch of players after one quarter was an exceedingly odd sight. I feel for all three Nets fans.

Know Your NBA Enemy

Indiana Pacers - Indy Cornrows - Pacers hang on to beat Bulls, return home to face Knicks

Since beating us in the IST semifinals, if we count the IST Final, the Pacers have gone 5-7 as they continue their steady march down the Eastern Conference’s standings. Shoutout to Tyrese Haliburton and his 23 assists with just 2 turnovers against the Knicks, though. That’s actually cool as hell.

San Antonio Spurs - Pounding the Rock - Victor Wembanyama is rewriting basketball history

On the one hand, I will fall in line to marvel at the random bits of statistical feats Wembanyama accomplishes (mostly because Giannis’s journey has included the same). On the other, prove that you can do it on a snowy Tuesday March night in Milwaukee.

Houston Rockets - The Dream Shake - Rockets 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

Turns out the Rockets randomly assembled the right mix of young talent, veteran knowhow, and coaching to turn into mid-tier playoff scrappers in the course of a single offseason. They had to do a ton of losing to get everything in place, but here we are!

Comment of the Week

Comment of the week goes to MKE AL for making me chuckle in response to Jo Ma’s reasonable criticism of the Bucks defense in the Nets game:

Jo Ma: Just to cast a gloom on the celebrations, no team is going far in the playoffs with paint and transition defense like that

MKE AL: Yeah well no one really expects these Nets to go very far in the playoffs any way.

And I’m happy to see that we’ve got some Fan Posts to highlight as well! JSOnline Castaway 2.0 brought some holiday cheer with, “Bucks Roster in GIF Fo.......err.....I mean Christmas Song Form” (the Khris Middleton comp is the best of the bunch; perfectly hits the Khris is awful/the greatest ever dichotomy) and dsereno4 brought forth, “Evidence of why the Bucks lose and how to fix it.” While I agree with Dave that there is room to involve our bigs in offensive rebounding more, I also think consecutive coaching staffs have come to the conclusion that saving Giannis/Brook’s bodies from any excessive regular season beatings is more valuable than jumps in OREB%. Just my hunch.

The Social Media Section

I’m pretty sure this qualifies Horst for another Executive of the Year award?

Get Coach Hook on the staff ASAP

We’re back to Instagram posts not converting over to the embed tool here on Chorus (typical). The only big thing you may have missed is that MarJon Beauchamp will be releasing part two of his massive life documentary soon-ish. Once more, shoutout to whoever is cashing those NBA paychecks to produce these things.

Riley’s 2023-2024 Regular Season Prediction Record: 18-14

Milwaukee Bucks 2023-2024 Actual Regular Season Record: 24-8

Back home again to ring in the new year, even if only for a night. Even better, we’ve got a two-parter incoming against the upstart Indiana Pacers:

  • v. Indiana Pacers, Monday — 7:00 PM CT
  • @ Indiana Pacers, Wednesday — 6:00 PM CT
  • @ San Antonio Spurs, Thursday — 6:30 PM CT
  • @ Houston Rockets, Saturday — 6:00 PM CT

The desire to continue to prove a point against the Pacers has me confident we’ll notch wins in the home-and-away miniseries, I believe in how bad the Spurs are to bet on another win even if guys are sitting, and then I’ll assume a loss to the Rockets who have been solid at home. 3-1 will do just fine to keep pace with the Celtics which is what matters this time of year.

Happy Monday!