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Ask away for Questions & Antlers: Week 11

Unlike the Bucks, we’re back for 2024!

2023 NBA Playoffs - Golden State Warriors v Los Angeles Lakers Photo by Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

If comment, Twitter, and polling activity over the last 24 hours are to be believed, a lot of people have opinions about the Adrian Griffin-led Milwaukee Bucks. Specifically, about what this team is capable of in the short run and what players should—or should not—be a part of that future. Naturally, we’re bringing in a staff member whom I feel is very well-equipped to answ—er, antler your questions about the current Bucks climate: Riley Feldmann!

While I’m sure he’s happy to discuss his latest notepad purchase or his reported interest in learning Portuguese (note to Riley: it looks like Spanish but sounds nothing like it, IMO), Riley was our first antler-er back in week 1, after just four games and before we even had a name for the series. To jog your memory and give you food for thought, topics then included (surprisingly) Adrian Griffin’s job security vis-a-vis Terry Stotts and Bud, Brook Lopez’s role, and... the defense. Enjoy, Riley.

We usually have gone with midnight (Central) on Fridays as the cutoff time to ask, but given the Celtics game that evening, we’ll take them into the next morning. Fire away in the comments and check back on Friday for Riley’s antlers!