Unofficial BH Fantasy League Awards - The Coach Edition

Inspired from last year's Burt Snipes Unofficial Fantasy League Awards (,
I decided to do the same and give out to all guys who participated some virtual applause. Lot's of coaches talk this season and this is the reason to give coaches some love here and dedicate this Award Edition to them. First let's start with the Standings.
++ As of writing some results still are pending. I will update the record of each team tomorrow.

The Standings


1. StoneAge Champions*

2. Larry Sanders*

3. 529ers*

4. Burt's Barn Burners*

5. Moneyschott*

6. HIM University


1. The Ball3rs*

2. A Box Fan*

3. MAYbe I'll win?*

4. PokerAddicts

5. AlwaysunnyinWI

6. Van Hoopers

*Teams qualified for the playoffs


The Mazzula Award for Mazz Ball

goes to the StoneAge Champs. The former Champions put up a dominating season almost going undeafeted into the playoffs just by putting more points up then the opponents could handle. Can the team perform the same dominance in the playoffs or will it wilt under the pressure like the J's. This could have been easily the Bud ball Award, since this team was lazy to adjust for most of the season, but Bud isn't active.

The Birkenstaff Award for Methodic Approach to the game

goes to LARRY SANDERS. It felt almost clinic how this team put down opponents and it was the only team which could keep up with the Champ during regular season. I'm sure behind the scenes there's a group of staff which gives feedback to LARRY on which guys are the best to chose for any given night and what scheme has to be played to achieve the greatest success. This has been a super pretty successful rookie coaching campaign for LARRY. Impressive staff!

The Coach Spoelstra Award for out-adjusting opponents

goes to the 529ers, which have done for another year what they do best. Adjusting. The sheer creative force in which this team comes up with new players who can contribute out of nowhere is really impressive. This surely isn't a set and forget approach to coaching and no other than coach Spo could have done something similar during a "regular season doesn't matter". Same team surprised during the playoffs last season, so I see a lot of similarities and why not repeat again last season's feat.

The Nick Nurse Award for the best coach available

goes to Burt's Barn Burners. No other afficionatio in picking teams with no big names in their rotation, can coach better than he does. Put a superstar in that lineup and his team would do a walk to the title. To our all luck, this hasn't happen this season, but the Burner's managed to qualify for the playoffs without much sweat. They might get hot at the right moment and anything could happen. Rumours say, Burt thinks about retiring this season, so it could have been his last chance to win another title in his unofficial BH fantasy League career. Good Luck Burt from my side!

The Taylor Jenkins Award for a season that went not as expected

goes to MoneySchott. One name. Ja Morant. His team was so relient on having him healthy on the roster and after he came back, there was hope until it got crushed again by news of ja Morant missing for the season. MoneySchott a dominating force in past seasons, finalist of last season and putting a fight to qualify for the playoffs until the very end, managed also to beat the StoneAge Champs. This season could have gone better, but it speaks for his team and coaching chops that he managed to qualify for the playoffs.

The Chris Finch Award for rookie coach of the season nominee

goes to the Ballers. This team pretty easily dominated a weaker on the paper West Coast, taking away the first seed from its competitors after the first few weeks and never letting it go again from there on. Chris Finch nerdy approach to the game, showed through the actions of the Ballers who's team looked sophisticated throughout the season. Always ready for any matchup and always able to put up a good matchup. A well deserved Leader of the West Coast.

Now we come to a group of teams which put up a fight for the second seed of the West until the very end of the regular fantasy season.

The Rick Carlisle Award for talking smack and instilling respect

goes to the PokerAddicts. After a hot start to the season and looking like real contenders for the title, his team cooled off considerebly, fighting to get into the playoffs until the last week, were they lost to Gmay's team. No other team has that combination of smart dissecting of the game and junk yard attitute that can help a team getting wins through sheer will. Very likely PokerAddicts would have made the playoffs after getting some steam back in the last few weeks of the season, but big injuries, especially the one to Embiid did cost his team the right to enter the playoff stage.

The Tyronn Lue Award for don't count me out for the playoffs

goes to the A Box Fan. His team really started on the wrong side of the bargain the season, accumulating 5 loses in the first 7 games, but ultimatively showed everybody what a good coach can do to a team when everyone is pulling on the same string. Really surprised seeing his team finishing second in the West, leaving behind some known coaching quantities in PokerAddicts and Gmay. Big Congratulations for never giving up and reaching his goals in the manner he did.

The Doc Rivers Award for turning a season around as Savior

goes to GMay and his team. Injuries, veterans not playing to their respected value and young players missing energy and effort was a repeating pattern for this team. A coach can do only so much and after starting the League pretty well, it suddenly starter to struggle mid-way throughout the season. There are around many rumours of losing the locker room, but honestly the issues were to be found at the players side. Gmay did a great job at salvaging what could be salvaged, instilling new faith to his players and taking the last playoff spot home in the last week of regular season.

The coach Pop Award for never counting him out

goes to AlwaysunnyinWI. Coach Pop is regarded as a magician on the sideline and AlwaysunnyinWI did just that this season. After getting handed a roster which needed serious teaching and retooling, hard work paid off and the team started to win games and actually having a shot at the playoffs in the end. This is no understatement. This team was bottom last with a 0-10 record and went on to make a winning streak in the end which is hard to gasp for us normal folks. I think every other coach would have given up weeks ago. Respect!

The Monty Williams Award for this season could have been better

goes to two teams. HIM University and Van Hoopers. It's almost crazy how close HIM was to get a win most of the times, but haven't had success. Clutch gene and talent(?) was missing, but effort was there and this is highly welcome. Van probably knew from the first week that his roster wasn't ment to be for contending, since the AI bot which made the draft for him had an affection for players that like to chuck away shots. After that he wasn't really trying to win against anybody, being fair to everyone, but I am sure there's immense planning behind the sidelines to come back much stronger next season.

AND that's it. This years Unofficial (of course) Fantasy League Awards. Hope everyone had a lot of fun time playing!!!

Playoff are set to begin shortly and let's see who has the biggest energy depots until the end!

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