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Beasley Joins Dame in Three-Point Contest

At least one deserved it.

Sacramento Kings v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Malik Beasley will be joining Dame in the Three-Point Contest, per Shams Charania:

Malik “Three-sley” has boogied his way to a 45.1% clip from downtown this season, good for 5th in the NBA and his highest mark yet. It seems like his campaigning paid off:

Beasley represents a notable exception to a list of more-heralded players. Yet, although they could have been asked and simply declined, KD, Kawhi, and KAT are all top-10 in 3P%, complicating the narrative that the NBA went fame-forward. With these guys, they could have fed two birds with one scone.

Regardless, congrats to Beas!