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Bucks Reacts Survey Results: Who should be traded today?

Bobby Portis, Pat Connaughton, and MarJon Beauchamp have been bandied about a lot lately

Milwaukee Bucks v Brooklyn Nets Photo by Nathaniel S. Butler/NBAE via Getty Images

It’s deadline day in the NBA, and before we find out if any Bucks are traded in the next seven hours (all trades must be finalized by 2 PM Central), let’s check in on the results of our Reacts Survey posted on Tuesday. In broad terms, we asked you what you think about trading specific players; not for what should these players be traded, but whether or not they should be included in any deal. We’ll start off with a fan favorite...

This one doesn’t come as a huge surprise: 64% of fans polled want the team to hold onto Bobby Portis this deadline. I can understand the attachment to Portis: he was a big part of the 2021 title (especially in the Phoenix series), he plays to the crowd better than any Buck in recent memory, and he’s got great commercials promoting tourism in Milwaukee. It would be plenty sad to see him go. On the court, he’s about the only guy who can produce off the Bucks’ bench at present on similar shooting numbers to last year, though his scoring and rebounding have dropped a bit along with his minutes.

All that being said, that production and his salary—$11.7 million this season and another year remaining, plus a team option—make him a prime trade candidate should the Bucks want someone at the top of the market, or at least someone who is making closer (or above) $20 million this season. Furthermore, Portis has simply not been playable in at least one postseason series each season in Milwaukee (vs. Brooklyn in 2021, vs. Boston in 2022, and vs. Miami in 2023) so like any role player, even a very good one like him, he’s not going to help the team in certain matchups—that gets magnified in a seven-game series against one opponent. Plus, Portis is one of just three capable bigs on the roster right now (sorry Robin), so if he goes, the Bucks would really need to find another player who is able to play the 5 behind Brook Lopez, lest Giannis see too many minutes there.

Next up, a fan not-so-favorite...

Can’t say I’m too surprised here. Though Connaughton is actually shooting 38.2% from three, which would be his second-best rate as a Buck—he just hasn’t really looked good this year. The shooting is nice, but other guys on the roster are doing that just as well or better from the wing, and he’s not offering much of anything else: his once-decent defense appears to be gone, his rebounding is down, and those were really the only other things he ever did beyond shoot. Unfortunately for the 82%, all this means he’s not a very good trade candidate when he’s playing like this while making $9.4 million this year and next, with a team option for 2025–26. On his own, he’s likely not going to fetch the Bucks much of value, and really is just a salary-matching piece at this point. But since he’s got essentially two years left after this one, he’s not really a good piece in that regard either.

Let’s close with a young Buck who has barely seen the floor in recent weeks...

As I’ve written a few times, Beauchamp might just be the Bucks’ most valuable trade chip in terms of a player. Though he’s been out of the rotation entirely since early January (nine DNP-CDs, one game missed with illness, and 30 minutes of garbage time across just three appearances), Beauchamp is raw and unproven enough at 23 to still potentially intrigue teams. While late-first-round picks who haven’t developed much in their second seasons are pretty common, their value starts falling in a hurry if they continue to look overmatched in the NBA after two years/in year three (see Wilson, D.J.). His value might be as high as it’ll be to Milwaukee right now, and while he’s not on par with a future late-first-round pick, Beauchamp plus Portland’s 2024 second-rounder (currently slotted at 35th) might be close enough to a first for some acquiring teams.

We’ll see how many—if any!—of this trio are still Milwaukee Bucks by day’s end. Maybe they all will be! Stay tuned.

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