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Bucks Analysis

Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up: February 21, 2024

What’s Up Doc

It All Rests On Dame

Nothing else matters unless Dame starts playing like Dame

Bucks Buyout Candidates: Is there anybody out there?

Looking for another Buck in the wall.. er, on the roster

Bucks pre-deadline trade rumors roundup

Let’s check in on the slop machine, shall we?

Bucks Trade Candidate: Dorian Finney-Smith

A two-way wing to (hopefully) help make the Bucks a two-way team

Bucks Trade Candidate: Dejounte Murray

The biggest name available at the deadline would be difficult—though not impossible—to acquire

Weekly Wednesday Wrap Up: The trends that survived

What stuck and what didn’t

Doc Rivers Q&A with Liberty Ballers

Featuring your questions!

Bucks Trade Candidate: Bruce Brown

Making an ally out of an enemy (for this season, at least)

Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up: Mistakes Were Made

So now what?

Bucks Trade Candidate: Davion Mitchell

The young guard would provide needed perimeter defense, but maybe little else

Adrian Griffin’s Bucks, 41 games in

Are the Bucks and their first time coach improving or just spinning their wheels?

This stream has:

Bucks Trade Candidates

Bucks Trade Candidate: Quentin Grimes

The Knicks are making Grimes available, could the Bucks get in on the action?

Stop the steals: Why the Bucks lose

Risky personnel in a risky system

Bucks Trade Candidate: Matisse Thybulle

Someone PLEASE defend!

Bucks Trade Candidate: Kris Dunn

Dunn was nearly an All-Defensive Team member in 2019–20

Milwaukee Bucks Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up

The Bench giveth and taketh

Milwaukee Bucks Weekly Wednesday Wrap-Up

Coming up Clutch

Learning Curve: What We Know vs. What We Thought We Knew

The Milwaukee Bucks have a top five record, but are they as good of a team so far this season?

Bucks Weekly Report Card: November 30

What grades do we send the Bucks home with this week?

Whose team is this?

In practice and in theory

An Alex Caruso trade proposal

With the Bucks’ defensive woes, it would seem like a match made in heaven, but is a trade even possible?