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Deer Diaries, Ep. 166: Bobby the Morale Builder

Back on track and feeling just fine

Detroit Pistons v Milwaukee Bucks

Author/producer’s note: We’re back! I’m not quite sure how or why, but the Apple Podcast feed finally came back to life this afternoon. Thank you for your patience, and here’s hoping we diagnose the issue and can more proactively manage our feed in the future.

With things standing somewhat ambiguously a week ago, the Milwaukee Bucks went out and put themselves firmly back on the right track with a perfect 4-0 week of play. Kyle Carr, Adam Paris, and I got together in the immediate aftermath of the Bucks victory over the Houston Rockets to talk about the week that was, including:

  • The Andre Jackson Jr. train moving full speed ahead
  • Giannis Antetokounmpo. Is. Good.
  • A team offense that looks more capable and competent by the game
  • Slight upticks in the defense at the margins
  • Bobby Portis as glue guy/trade bait
  • My (irrational) dislike of character actors (think an actor who ‘plays’ Peter Pan at Disney World)
  • “Dairy Bird” v. “ARay Green”

And more!

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As always, thanks for listening!