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Deer Diaries, Ep. 167: New Year’s Resol(ose)tions

Smiling through the incompetence of it all

NBA: Milwaukee Bucks at Indiana Pacers Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

While the Deer Diaries hosting crew were away, the Milwaukee Bucks did indeed play. Fresh off a break for the holidays, Kyle and I met up for the first time in 2024 to discuss the last week in Bucks history. And boy was there plenty to discuss! We chat about:

  • Starting Malik Beasley and closing with... who, exactly?
  • Are recent offensive hiccups a bug or the revelation of a potentially depressing feature?
  • Our first “Eight Man Rotation” exercise of the year!
  • The possibility that there is no player or players in the trade market who can “fix” the defense
  • Another PJ Tucker rose-tinted glasses retrospective
  • Giving a fond farewell address to Lindell Wigginton and Marques Bolden
  • And more!

Plus, we’ve got our miscellaneous topics like rapid fire questions, I’ve got a new fountain pen to review, Kyle reviews “Sonic the Hedgehog 2”, and weekly predictions.

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