VIDEO: Jason Kidd featured in latest "Own the Future" promitonal video


Head Coach Jason Kidd shows off both his acting (sort of) and driving chops in the Bucks latest "Own the Future" promotional video.

Middleton finds Jabari for the high-rising slam


Jabari Parker punctuated a 12-point first half against the Timberwolves by throwing an outlet, taking the nice feed from Khris Middleton, and rising high to flush it down.

Jabari Parker goes coast to coast vs. Wolves


Jabari Parker has 10 points midway through the second quarter of tonight's Bucks-Timberwolves tilt at the Bradley Center, and none were prettier than this coast-to-coast floater.

NBA could force Bucks to Seattle?


This is just terrible, I really hope this doesn't happen to you guys. Looking on the bright side, this would cost the owners way more if they don't get an arena, so they should be willing to put in serious cash to get it done.

Call For A General Moratorium On Certain Subjects

  1. Any reference to Kidd's offcourt behavior unless it relates directly to him as a coach or another incident occurs.
  2. Kohl bashing, unless Kohl is related to something that is affecting the team.
  3. Drew bashing. He's gone, time to forget him, like Larry Krstkoviach, er Kreystkovovis, umm, time to forget about him.
  4. Talk about the team moving until there are signs that it is going to happen.
  5. Larry bashing, until we've seen him play at least one regular season game.

The sabermetrics of the NBA draft


The NBA has certainly taken the analytics from baseball and run with it. The paper here describes a methodology of modeling ideal NBA drafts over the past ten seasons and determining a profit/loss over the model per team. tl;dr Only two teams have outperformed their ideal picks in the NBA version of WAR. The Bulls were #1. The Bucks came in seventh place. The suck... no projection of the idea 2014 draft.

Reminder of simpler times


I was going through Amazon looking for Bucks merch to add to my wish list when I came across this. I remember when I was mildly excited about this.

90s Bucks Fiction Starring Big Dog & Others


I'm writing a series of stories starring Macadamia Charles, a basketball P.I. who solves basketball mysteries. In the latest installment, Mac's job is to figure out who vandalized Glenn Robinson's DJ Screw mixtape. Features appearances by Tyrone Hill, Ray Allen, Chris Ford, and other late-90s Bucks.