Welcome to the Offseason!


Unfortunately, the Bucks fell out of the Playoffs in Round 1. We look at them, and all other Round 1 exits; what they did right, what they did wrong and what can they do?

Embiid AD: Is Malcolm Brogdon the Rookie of the Year?


Hey guys We recently took a look at the Rookie of the Year race since Embiid's injury. You might be interested to check our analysis on Malcolm Brogdon, this years 2nd round surprise. Cheers Sam

Milwaukee Bucks - New Years Resolution


MILWAUKEE BUCKS – Current Record (18-17) / Since Last Time (7-5) Resolution: Give the keys to the rook I know Delly is everyone’s favourite knee assassin Aussie, but he is better served as an energy bench player in the NBA. Good thing that the Bucks found the steal of the ’16 Draft in Malcolm Brogdon. The 24yr old Brogdon is fresh off his first triple double in his 2nd career start. At 6’5″ with a 6’10" wingspan and 220 lbs, he’s a big, strong point guard who is shooting 46% from the floor – an ideal fit alongside Point Giannis. Coach Kidd needs to give the Rook the keys and let the mature rookie blossom alongside his young Forwards (sidenote: it is pretty wild that Brogdon is 2 years older than Giannis and 3 years older than Jabari!).

Bucks Off-Season Report


Hey guys Aussie NBA fan here. Have a read of my off-season report for your Bucks, posted on our blog (The Four Point Play). Did the Bucks do enough to improve their weaknesses?

Ranking FA bargains by Win Shares and Real Plus-Minus Wins.


Both of the Bucks signings were cheap by "win shares." Matthew Dellavedova was cheap by "RPM," and Mirza Teletovic was average.

Dwayne Wade going to Chicago!


I did not see that coming!

Contract Value


There's been a lot of discussion lately on roster building and contract values. Thought this was interesting... "It’s not always about getting the best deal possible. Sometimes, it’s about getting the player that your team needs."

VIDEO: Giannis is dunking on Macedonia


After a slow start in their EuroBasket opener against Macedonia, Giannis Antetokounmpo and Greece are starting to find their legs -- and nearly hitting their heads on the rim.