Bogut's Injuries Limit His Top 25 Under 25 Placement


Bogut's constant back flairs have kept him out of a number of games between November and early January. His play has been inspired when he gets on the court, but it's hard to tell how many games he will be able to play over the course of the rest of the season. What do you think? Is his drop to #23 justified?

Brew Hoop talks to 48 Minutes of Hell


I did a brief Q&A with Tim over at the excellent Spurs blog 48 Minutes of Hell. Click the link above for a discussion of Redd's trade value, the Ridnour/Sessions debate, and the future of Charlie V.

I feel really good. It’s a good situation for me. With Coach Skiles system, he puts me in the p...


I feel really good. It’s a good situation for me. With Coach Skiles system, he puts me in the position to be a playmaker and to score. That’s what I was looking for in a team and it’s something that I didn’t get in the past years. Coach Skiles put a lot of trust in me in order to make plays.

Charlie Villanueva, as told to SLAM's Matt Caputo

Tope 25 Under 25 - December Edition - Bogut Moves Up


Andrew Bogut stays on his grind. Moved up 3 spots on this Top 25 Under 25 list even with injuries keeping him out of late November games. Ramon Sessions makes an appearance, too. At #24.

Garnett suspended, Bogut fined for Saturday incident


BDL's J.E. Skeets has video and reaction to the Saturday dust-up between Andrew Bogut and Kevin Garnett, which has now earned KG a one game suspension. Bogut's technical foul was also upgraded to a flagrant one, which isn't unreasonable. I do think there was some intent on Bogut's part to flail a bit more than usual, but it would have also been harsh to suspend him for something so marginal.

Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard


Bogut is Erika Dampier with a beard

Shaquille O'Neal via his Twitter feed.

Redd and Ridnour expected back on Wednesday


There's apparently good news on the injury front: Michael Redd's right ankle injury is being categorized as minor. Yahoo! reports that the Bucks expect both Redd and Luke Ridnour back in the lineup on Wednesday against Washington.

Top 25 NBA Players Under 25 (Bogut is Top 20!)


Andrew Bogut may not be thriving under Scott Skiles yet. But he did he get some love in this ranking of the best NBA players under 25.

Bucks Forget to Not Foul


Bulls-Centric look at the season opener, with comments on offensives tendencies of Skiles.

Yi's Boxscore vs. Boston: Quite Odd


In the New Jersey Nets' narrow loss to the Boston Celtics, 111-108, former Milwaukee Bucks forward Yi Jianlian scored 15 points on 6-of-9 shooting in 21 minutes. The only other stats he accrued: 3 turnovers and 6 fouls. ???