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Our complete collection of Milwaukee Bucks podcasts.

The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 146: Jae Crowder and the Trade Deadline Conundrum

Trader Jon has something afoot

The Brew Hoop Podcast Episode 143: A Healthy Bucks Vent Sesh

Getting all our troubles off our chest in this episode

Podcast: Giannis Leaps, the Defense Rests

The Bucks are 0-3...but it's not all bad! Really!

Let's talk 2015 potential free agent centers

Zaza Pachulia and John Henson are both tough to project going forward, so we evaluate the 2015 crop of potential free agent centers in the NBA to see there are other more attractive long-term options available.

Should Bucks act boldly in free agency, NBA Draft?

There are some interesting options for the Bucks this summer. We discuss the possibilities of draft trades and big free agent signings.

Kidd, MCW to challenge PG model with post play?

Jason Kidd has the big point guard of his choice in Michael Carter-Williams, but can the Bucks build a quality offense around a no-shot point guard when the league is trending in the opposite direction?

Season review podcast: All roads lead to Giannis

The Bucks' 2014-15 season isn't about the NBA Playoffs. It's about Giannis Antetokounmpo and his broad development path. We discuss these thoughts in our latest Bucks podcast.

The "one easy trick" to make MCW's offense click?

The Bucks passed up a shot at a Los Angeles Lakers draft pick to add Michael Carter-Williams to the mix. Here's "one easy trick" to help you forget about the pick and focus on MCW's potential to improve.

Podcast: Arena plan will require a bold vision

We offer our initial thoughts on the looming arena issue in the latest podcast episode.

Podcast Pt.2: Bucks attractive to GMs before draft

If the Bucks want to truly start fresh and draw in the best GM candidates, they probably need to do something prior to the 2014 NBA Draft.

Podcast Pt.1: Will ownership transition impact GM?

In Part 1 of a podcast binge, Steve and Frank discuss the transition of ownership and why Bucks GM John Hammond may be on thin ice.

Bucks 86, Heat 98 (Game 2): Podcast + Highlights

LeBron James and the Miami Heat pulled away from the Milwaukee Bucks in the final 12 minutes of Game 2. We are left to wonder why J.J. Redick did not play at all in the second half.

Bucks 87, Heat 110: Game 1 podcast recap

The first-round 2013 NBA playoff series between the Milwaukee Bucks and the Miami Heat got underway on Sunday. LeBron James dominated in Game 1 and the Heat took away Bucks role players on offense, as we discuss in our recap podcast of the Heat win.

Bucks vs Heat podcast, schedule, predictions, etc.

The Bucks are the underdog in their opening round 2013 NBA playoff series against LeBron James and the Miami Heat. We open up and discuss what to expect when the games start on Sunday.

Podcast: Losses, Boylan's coaching, Jennings money

The Bucks are turning our attention away from the playoffs with more Eastern Conference losses. Here's where else our mind wandered.

How serious is Sanders' technical foul problem?

Larry Sanders is getting reckless, and it needs to stop. Now.

Jennings: 'I'm out there looking for guys'

The Milwaukee Bucks are suddenly winning close games, Brandon Jennings is suddenly transforming into a distributor on offense and Monta Ellis is suddenly clutch. Is any of this sustainable? Where do the Bucks stand?

Podcast: NBA Playoffs and Bucks sloganalysis

The Milwaukee Bucks have essentially clinched a spot in the Eastern Conference bracket for the 2013 NBA Playoffs. We discuss whether they can catch the Celtics and how they match up against the Heat, Knicks and Pacers. We wrap up with slogan ideas.

Podcast: Tobias Harris trade talk roundtable

Tobias Harris has been lighting up opponents and filling up box scores since joining the Orlando Magic. Did John Hammond and the Milwaukee Bucks make a mistake, or are there finer points that turn the trade into a murkier situation? We podcast on it.

Podcast: John Hammond contract extension talk

The Milwaukee Bucks and general manager John Hammond agreed to terms on a three-year contract extension that will keep Hammond with the Bucks through 2015-16. We discuss the extension and consider what it means for the franchise.

Scott Skiles rumor pops up now, but why? (Podcast)

Milwaukee Bucks head coach Scott Skiles does not intend to seek an extension with the team before his contract expires as the end of the year, according to a report by David Aldridge of Why is this rumor emerging now, and what does it mean?

Podcast | How Ersan (Maybe) Got His Groove Back

The Milwaukee Bucks mounted an improbably comeback against the Chicago Bulls on Monday night at the United Center, and struggling Bucks power forward Ersan Ilyasova was at the center of the surge. Is he ready to snap out of his early-season funk now?

Podcast: Ersan Ilyasova, Chemistry and Dead Doves

A Milwaukee Bucks podcast that covers the following topics: (1) lineup chemistry, (2) deconstructing the Brandon Jennings and Monta Ellis narrative, (3) Ersan Ilyasova and his struggles and (4) role player contributions from Marquis Daniels and Drew

Podcast: Bucks 5-2, We Clear Up Playoff Picture

The Milwaukee Bucks are off to a roaring start in 2012, and now we've decided to eliminate some other bottom dwellers from the playoff picture in the Eastern Conference.

Bucks Are Interested In Joel Przybilla, But They Shouldn't Be (Podcast Vs. Tweet Showdown)

The Milwaukee Bucks are reportedly interested in signing free agent center Joel Przybilla, but does the move make sense for the team? A podcast vs. tweet challenge.

Tobias Harris And John Henson Shined, But Did Bucks Summer League Make Us All Dumber?

Milwaukee Bucks prospects John Henson and Tobias Harris played extremely well during 2012 Las Vegas Summer League action, but does watching Summer League make us all dumber as fans?

A Milwaukee Bucks Big 3? Don't Get Drunk On The Idea Just Yet

Brandon Jennings, Monta Ellis and Ersan Ilyasova constitute the ninth-best trio in the NBA? The Milwaukee Bucks have the ninth-best trio of players in the NBA?!? Let's slow our roll, Bucks fans.

Milwaukee Bucks Re-Sign Ersan Ilyasova, We React Via Podcast (Part 1)

The Milwaukee Bucks announced a long-term deal with Ersan Ilyasova on Thursday. Here's what it all means for the Turkish big man and the Bucks.

An 11 Minute Defense Of Milwaukee Bucks Based Pessimism

The Milwaukee Bucks are close to signing Ersan Ilyasova to a five-year, $45 million deal with a team option in the fifth year. The deal should only be evaluated on its merits, not based on the need for a new arena.

2012 NBA Draft Results: Bucks Pick John Henson And Doron Lamb, We React Via Podcast

By drafting North Carolina Tar Heels forward John Henson at No. 12 and Kentucky Wildcats shooting guard Doron Lamb with the No. 42 pick, the Milwaukee Bucks found value in each selection -- at least according to the Top-100 lists on ESPN and Draft Express.

Bucks / Rockets Trade Reaction And NBA Draft Analysis Podcast

The Milwaukee Bucks and the Houston Rockets traded players and draft picks on the eve of the 2012 NBA Draft, and there are plenty of angles from which to break down the deal. Listen to our podcast for in-depth analysis.

2012 NBA Draft Podcast: Milwaukee Bucks Strategy Talk

The Milwaukee Bucks hold the No. 12 pick in the 2012 NBA Draft, but they need something far more than what a typical No. 12 pick offers to really make a huge jump into the top half of the NBA's Eastern Conference.