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Introducing Deer Diaries: A Milwaukee Bucks Podcast

RIP the Milwaukee Metro Area Basketball Podcast Presented by Members of the Basketblog Brew Hoop

Celebrities Visit SiriusXM - September 14, 2023 Photo by Noam Galai/Getty Images

A short summary for those who haven’t been following the site’s podcast feed: last spring Vox/SB Nation decided to get out of the podcasting business and pulled the plug on its network. We duly lost the ability to call our show the “Brew Hoop Podcast” and defaulted instead to the comically plain “Milwaukee Basketball Podcast Presented by Brew Hoop”. For months, hilarity ensued while your hosts valiantly added ever more boring unofficial language to the title. We even lost the ability to use the site logo in the podcast art, so we made do with the outline of the logo with a cartoon mic pasted on top of it.

Good—no, great times.

But we’re an amateur operation aiming for professionalism, and so changes to the podcast to make it digestible by the listening public were inevitable. After a summer of deep thought and introspection, we are happy to reveal to you our new and improved audio product.

Meet “Deer Diaries: A Milwaukee Bucks Podcast”!

Yes, that’s right, we were somehow able to find yet another deer-related pun to use in a sea of deer-inspired content. Special thanks go out to my colleague Gabe Stoltz for being the genius behind the name.

But that isn’t all! Besides a name and art change, there will be some changes to the format of the podcast itself. Starting soon, the podcast will return as a weekly product released on Monday mornings (with the occasional emergency pod as necessary) and the setup will be as such:

  1. What We Learned: Every week your hosts will pick out a few key lessons the Bucks provided us from the previous week’s games. The idea is that there are plenty of podcasts out there that cover each game, so we want to suss out the takeaways from the week that may have an impact down the line.
  2. Buck the Hosts/Free Bucks Talk: This is where we want you, the listener, to have input. Each week we will have a post up on the site where you can react directly to every episode. Did we have a take that was way off the mark? Was something stated by a host as a fact that is really fiction? Want to add further questions or observations to the discussion? Leave us feedback in the comments and we’ll address them each week in Buck the Hosts. (Of course, if we did a perfect job, the hosts will cover team topics not tied directly to the games instead—but this will be your weekly opportunity to hear a Brew Hooper totally butcher your site username for the world to hear!)
  3. What’s Ahead: A preview of the games in the coming week, predictions, and anything in particular we are looking at in each matchup.
  4. Miscellaneous: It wouldn’t be a BH-linked podcast if we didn’t have classic segments like Rapid Fire Questions, Kyle’s Film Review, Riley’s Pen Pals, Van’s Warped Tour, etc. They’re sticking around to fill in the back portion of each broadcast for the truly invested listeners.

You can expect myself and Kyle Carr to remain as regular co-hosts, and we’ll have a rotating cast of other Brew Hoop staffers join us each week—Adam Paris will be press-ganged out of basketblog retirement from time to time as well.

In addition, we intend on having each episode of the podcast recorded and up on the Brew Hoop YouTube channel should you prefer staring at us while we talk rather than using the theater of the mind.

Finally, as said above, each new podcast episode will come with a post here on Brew Hoop for you to provide feedback. A fresh start means we’re open to fresh ideas on ways to improve the podcast and make it something worth your time.

We sincerely appreciate all those who have been listening over the years. Whether it was under one of the initial iterations of the Brew Hoop Podcast way back when or if the inaugural Deer Diary will be your first listen, we’re happy to have you in the audience.

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