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Deer Diaries, Ep. 160: The Rollercoaster Begins

Plenty to quibble over with just two games played

Atlanta Hawks v Milwaukee Bucks Photo by John Fisher/Getty Images

Who would’ve thought the Milwaukee Bucks would give us so much to think about through just two games? On the newest episode of Deer Diaries (A Milwaukee Bucks Podcast), Kyle, Jackson, and I chatted about shaky early defensive returns, the work-in-progress that is the occasional pick and roll on offense, plus Khris Middleton getting slow-rolled into the season.

We also answer daedbird’s question from last week’s podcast post about the number of titles needed to get Giannis to extend again in 2028. Then, it’s on to a bevy of Halloween-themed Rapid Fire questions, a review of Jordan Peele’s film Nope, and the debut of Jackson’s miscellaneous segment: Jackson’s Build.

As before, feel free to add to the discussion in the comments below to get the chance to hear us stumble over your username in a recorded medium.

Audio editor’s note: We’re aware that the noise levels are too disparate between the hosts. I’m pretty sure that the problem has to do with the application we’ve used to record audio and are going to move to another program to avoid this problem in the future. Mea culpa and thank you for your patience.

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